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Big Brown Eyes!

How could anybody not love this face?

Am I a dreamer or can I see wisdom in those eyes? To me, they are the “I’ve been around the block a few times” eyes. 557 more words


Just thinking!

Just thinking!

Ray is fascinating! One aspect that I find admirable, and so many of us could learn from it, is the ability to see a positive in pretty much anything. 480 more words


My little GAP boy

My little GAP model; This young fella is definitely going to be a heart breaker when he gets older!!


Look at this cutie!

Brandon looking stunning as usual, knowing how to play the part! 7 more words


Musings in the New Year

Wreaths for Food Exchange
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Wreaths for Food Exchange! Your generosity resulted in over 1000 lbs of donations! Thanks once again! 300 more words

Just you and me!

After almost 2 years of living with Ray, I still reflect with a degree of sadness on what his previous life may have entailed. He was found with no collar; no license tag; no microchip, and he was neither reported missing nor claimed. 876 more words


Nourishing Chicken and Black Bean Soup

If your household is anything like mine this winter you’ve had a cold or two pass through.

Here’s a great recipe for a soup full of nutrients that’s soothing on the throat and healing to the body.   140 more words

Naturopathic Doctor