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Edward Wilson’s interest in science was overriding. In 1910 there was much interest in the idea that birds have descended from dinosaurs. The polymath Ernst Haekel (biologist, naturalist, physician, artist, who amongst other things suggested the terms, phylum and phylogeny), proposed that ‘ontology recaptures phylogeny’–the recapulation theory–, 331 more words

I Hate the Term "Safe Haven"

You’ve heard it before, probably many times. It exists in the grand scheme of society, writing, speaking, Nicholas Sparks books, Nicholas Sparks books that were made into movies. 499 more words

Daryl Hall & John Oates - I Can't Go For That - You Tube

No can do? Or can do?

Who said, Jesus can’t rock!
U heard what was said?
Wake up…,
let’s dance.
(I thank u, I know now).


In memory of my kitty

My beloved kitty, Roxy, left this world last week.

I wrote this little tribute to her on Facebook (because that’s where people write tributes these days; I have mixed feelings about this): 354 more words