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In Brightest Day...

So, I’m a teacher in Korea. Some of you may already know this…

We learned about oaths in class today. The lesson ends on The Hippocratic Oath. 145 more words

The Decline of the Personal Signature

Like a lot of young boys, I used to spend a lot of time practicing my signature. I would spend hours trying out various ways of signifying my identity by the way I put my name. 574 more words


Thinking on Oaths, Family, and Standing at the Battle Line

It is Greek Wednesday, and while thinking on what to post I noticed this little meme hopping around on the net. Needless to say, it is perfect for hoplite warfare. 566 more words

Thinking Ancient Greek

Oath: Cleansing Through Water

“I purify through water and in doing so cast all negative emotional hurts into it’s depths.

I ask for good tidings from the Undines, those spirits of water:  To be flexible and attentive in my work, 6 more words


She will

By rejecting an immigration cap, Switzerland remains one of the most civilized nations on earth.

Desperate times breed desperate acts, hence, the Black Friday scrums. At least people weren’t rolling around on the floor in hopes of drawing a red card. 63 more words