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Copycat Debbie Oatmeal Creame Cookies

The secret to cloning these mouth0water and is recreating the soft, chewy consistency of the oatmeal cookies. To duplicate the texture the cookies are slightly underbaked. 259 more words

Strawberry & Oat Muffins

I guess I’m on a roll this week! I had a lot of energy this evening so I decided to try making an ultra-healthy, ultra-delish set of muffins for the remainder of the week. 163 more words


Cinnamon Maple Overnight Oats

This year I discovered a life changing breakfast, overnight oats. Considering I could eat breakfast food all day long, when I found the recipe I immediately tired it out, and was not disappointed. 176 more words


Three Overnights (2013)

1. Sleepovers.
2. Train trips.
3. Oats.
Sat in fridge all night-
Hearty breakfast delicious & light.


Overnight chocolate protein oats

I feel a bit guilty calling this a recipe, as it’s nothing more than a few ingredients stirred together and left overnight.

Still, it’s one of my favourite post-cycle breakfasts, and as taste goes, I don’t think it gets much better. 179 more words


Am I unCanadian for not liking Tim Hortons Coffee anymore?

I LOVE COFFEE! Coffee makes me happy. I love to sit along with a hot coffee and some sort of a baked good and take some time for myself. 420 more words

Clean Eating

Nutella Overnight Oats

Okay.. I have to say that I’ve been scratching my head on what overnight oats to make recently. Then Nutella pops out in my mind. I still have one third of Nutella left and hopefully I can finish it before it expires. 112 more words

Healthy Breakfast