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Secure ASP.NET WebAPI 2 using Azure Active Directory AD with ADAL .NET

What we will use
  • OAuth 2.0 middleware
  • ASP.NET WebAPI 2.2
  • Authentication Project Template: Organization Account
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Native Application e.g. Windows Form App
  • Azure AD Authentication Library (ADAL) for .NET 2.x…
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SharePoint Revision Follow up

A month ago I wrote about My SharePoint Revision. Later I continued my learning on latest version. As I was learning new things I thought of updating the table created earlier. 382 more words


Secure ASP.NET WebAPI 2 using ASP.NET Identity membership DB with OAuth 2

Code Download.

What we will use:
  • OAuth 2.0 middleware
  • ASP.NET WebAPI 2.2
  • ASP.NET Identity 2.1 membership
  • Authentication Project Template: Individual Account
  • SPA using knockoutjs (optional)
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The Future of AuthorizationServer

Now that IdentityServer v3 is almost done, it makes sense to “deprecate” some of the older projects. Especially all of the functionality of AuthorizationServer is completely replaced by the IdSrv3 feature set. 80 more words


eBook: Practical Node.js: Building Real-World Scalable Web Apps

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Practical Node.js is for web developers who have some familiarity with the basics of Node.js and want to learn how to use it to build apps in a professional environment. 74 more words


RPE 1.3 iFix 001

RPE 1.3 Interim Fix 1 is available on Fix Central and can be applied using Install manager. You can download the iFix repository or you can install it directly from the… 87 more words


Uploading images with Abraham's twitteroauth

This was a headache for me.

Having been happily tweeting for years, when I gave uploading images a whirl, Twitter responded with the following:

{“ 211 more words