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Build APIs in Node.js and Swagger 2.0 with Apigee-127

Why is Node.js a good choice for building APIs? What is Swagger 2.0 and how can you use it to create your API documentation?

Join Jeff West and Marsh Gardiner for a code and demo-filled session, in which we’ll design an API with Swagger 2.0 and then implement and deploy the API in Node.js on both Apigee and AWS. 56 more words


Securing Rest-ful Web Services with OAuth2

One of the questions we get asked the most by developers and architects is: when and why would I use OAuth2? The answer, as often with such questions, is “it depends”, but there are some features of OAuth2 that make it compelling in some situations, especially in systems composed of many lightweight web services, which becoming a very common architectural pattern. 44 more words


Trick: Post to WP from Lua with Easy Authentication

This is an article in a series of unknown length discussing a tool written in Lua to publish posts on a WordPress blog from a PC. 2,241 more words


IdentityServer v3 Beta 3

Some of our users already found out and broke the news – so here’s my official post ;)

Beta 3 has been released to github… 130 more words


VS Online REST APIs and Service Hooks RTM

VS Online REST APIs and Service Hooks RTM

This spring, at TechEd in the US, we announced a new extensibility approach for VS Online, and ultimately for TFS too, based on REST, OAuth and Service Hooks.  73 more words


Integrate OAuth with Laravel 4.0 at the basic level (Explained with Facebook login)

Oauth provides the best of authentication services by giving a common service to get all famous social login authentications. After 2-3 days of agony as a amateur laravel developer learning the laravel basics, i integrated the Oauth with Laravel 4.0 – i used facebook login. 273 more words

Configuring Apache to Serve your NodeJS Application

Configuring Apache to Serve your NodeJS Application

Most people are fine just loading up their NodeJS server by a quick localhost:8080 request, but sometimes it’s also useful to have an actual hostname available, especially when you’re integrating with OAuth services that may require a qualified domain name for their redirect url. 27 more words