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Oaxaca de Juárez

We had one full day in Oaxaca and were determined to make the most of it. We stayed at La Betulia, a lovely B and B, run by Pia and her husband Carlos. 1,080 more words


 Many of the small towns outside of the main city of Oaxaca are governed by a system called usos y costumbres (uses and customs).  Typically dominant in indigenous communities, such as the Zapotec community of Teotitlan del Valle, these systems engage the local citizenry in the governing and maintenance of the town, including the mayoral equivalent of duties, the collection of historical information, the organization of festivals, the participation (if relevant in representing the community as a dancer), etc. 109 more words


Someone's Grandfather

The man sitting in this doorway gets to this point by 1:30 every day. He sits for a bit before continuing his pleading for food.  I mean for you to understand this sound: pleading from a hunger that echoes inside of him, amplifying his desperation. 199 more words


Anything Goes

 This car was parked just along the margins of Llano Park.  I snapped this shot because the dune buggy, with its official license plates and pretense as a regular auto, reminds me of how often I am delighted by the anything goes approach to transportation in particular in Oaxaca.   78 more words


Love Book: Mexico & Design

Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico
ISBN978-4-86320-878-0 (2014)



The scent of sage wafts across the plaza even before I note the man in the deer headdress and little more.

His cleansing is mostly silent except for the occasional conch blown and the a command here and there to help participants know what to do with their arms, but no warning for when he might: pick someone up, spray aerosol on their neck, massage an ointment into their hands or (more surprisingly) chest. 39 more words


The Buffalo Mezcalero Samples... Rey Campero "Jabali"

Brand… Rey Campero

Category… Jabali from the agave Convallis

Origin… Zoquitlan, Oaxaca

Tasting Notes… A real treat – slightly opaque, black pepper and citrus on the nose, strong mineral component.  92 more words