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Why Motivation?

Motivation can be defined as an inner desire to make an effort (Dowling and Sayles cited in Freedheim et al. 2003). It is also the capacity to generate behavior or performance (Freedheim et al. 609 more words


TMNT: TFL Ch 15 update

Just posted a new chapter of TMNT: The Final Lesson on Fanfiction.net. check it out at the link below https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10535821/15/TMNT-The-Final-Lesson


This Baby is About to Fall Out of my Vagina...and Other Discomforts of Pregnancy

The good thing about pregnancy-related discomforts is that they aren’t usually things you need to freak out about. The bad thing about pregnancy-related discomforts is that sometimes they… 999 more words


The Five Best Things I Learned from the Worst Doctor

I’ve worked with every kind of physician. Some are just okay, some are iffy, but the majority are really wonderful. But some of the most important things I’ve ever learned about taking care of someone, I learned from the absolute worst doctor I ever worked with at the very beginning of my career as a nurse. 575 more words



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Pregnancy Part 4 - TN2014/SOGC2013

9 In a patient with clinical evidence of complications in labour (e.g., abruption (see part 3), uterine rupture, shoulder dystocia, non-reassuring fetal monitoring (see part 3)): 2,241 more words

99 Priority Topics

Pregnancy Part 3 - SOGC / TN2014

7 In a pregnant patient presenting with features of an antenatal complication (e.g., premature rupture of membranes, hypertension, bleeding):
a) Establish the diagnosis.
b) Manage the complication appropriately. 3,633 more words

99 Priority Topics