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Race to the Sunset

It had been rather stormy in OB, and after some much needed precipitation, I rushed to the beach to capture one of the most dramatic sunsets of the year. 11 more words

Just A Post

Week 8: First prenatal appointment and the glory of unbuttoned pants

Not much change in symptoms this week. Perhaps a little more bloating (is that possible?). Other than that, it’s been much of the same. Some days I’m so nauseous I can barely move from the couch, other days I’m able to get on with my day. 247 more words

First Trimester

Consult a certified gynecologist for quality gynecological care

If you are in search of one of the most reputed clinics that offer complete care for Obstetrics and Gynecology, then look no further than “West Coast Obstetrics and Gynecology”. 188 more words

Women Health

A Nurse's Wish

Being an obstetrical nurse, I am surrounded by beauty every single day I come to work. 1,448 more words


All Nurses Share the Same Struggles

Working in labor and delivery is everything you think it would be. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and miraculous. But OB is not all about babies and banners and bubblegum shaped like cigars. 1,084 more words


Two Months

My head tells me that Teddy was just born yesterday but my eyes are telling me something completely different. It’s so hard to believe how fast he is growing! 640 more words


And Just Like That...

… There will be no reconsiderations on the size of our family.

I had my annual appointment with Dr. H two weeks ago.  He asked where we were on family planning, I told him about our recent decision to stop at 2 kids, he talked about wishing he’d had a third but that two is easier, and then we talked about my uterus.  316 more words