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37 weeks

On Tuesday I had my last dr appt with the OB. I honestly can’t believe I have made it this far without any complications or bed rest!   374 more words


The Essential Health Chronicles: #1 Pads Vs Tampons

Most third world countries especially the ones nestled in South Asia suffer from a massive epidemic of ignorance. The word sex is a taboo and so are those that branch out from it including menstruation, reproduction, or basic human morphology & anatomy. 755 more words

Advantages Of Pads

Some companies, such as Nike and Southwest Airlines, openly try to recruit couples. Do you think this is a good idea? How would you feel working in a department with a “couple”?

I feel it is a good idea as long as the couples are matured individuals. If they know how to distinguish between personal and professional behavior while at work it should not matter much. 56 more words

Organization Behaviour

Do you think it is ever appropriate for a supervisor to date an employee under his or her supervision? Why or why not?

No, I’m not agreeing.


I feel that a romantic relationship between a boss and a subordinate is definitely private. The relationship may be consensual at the start, but things can go wrong later. 42 more words

Organization Behaviour

Do you agree with Wal-Mart’s policy against work-place romantic relationships? Why or why not?


Yes, I am agree with Wal-Mart’s policy against work-place romantic relationship.


There is a basic conflict of interest when a man manage someone with whom he have a family, romantic, or dating relationship. 77 more words

Organization Behaviour

Nearly three-quarters of organizations have no policies governing workplace romances. Do you think organizations should have such policies in place?


There is a place and time for everything. Work places are not for doing romance .We do not dine in the rest room or lavatory, just because we ease out only in the rest room. 138 more words

Organization Behaviour