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Nurses Eat Their Young

When I was in nursing school, I frequently heard the term “nurses like to eat their young.” This did not sound appealing to me. As a new graduate nurse, I started working on a unit where almost everyone had been an OB nurse for over 25 years. 1,165 more words


August Doctor Appointment and Sex Reveal

So I had my doctor’s appointment yesterday. I get really anxious and angsty in the days leading up to the scans. I think it’s a reaction from the first scan being so bad. 361 more words

Well then..

So I scheduled my consultation for the tubal. I’m so nervous because I’ve never had surgery before and I am unsure if my OB will agree because of my age. 120 more words


Als klein kind was het eigenlijk al duidelijk toen het mij alsmaar niet lukte om de knuffelbeer van mijn zus te pakken te krijgen. Het beest heette blauwtje. 419 more words


Why You Won't Be Seeing Baby Pictures at the OB

It’s cute, it’s common, and more than anything, it’s reassuring. Seeing the smiling faces of all the babies your OB has delivered lets you know this whole pregnancy thing is going to turn out just fine. 235 more words


No Prenatal Care and No Empathy

As an OB nurse, one of the most unfortunate and all too often scenarios we encounter is having to take care of women who have had  1,400 more words