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86M Full-Time Private-Sector Workers Sustain 148M Benefit Takers

Buried deep on the website of the U.S. Census Bureau is a number every American citizen, and especially those entrusted with public office, should know. It is 86,429,000. 130 more words


Sebelius has left the building

Obama set to reset Obamacare with Sebelius gone

Only 10 days after Secretary Sebelius saying she would be on the job in November,  She has officially resigned from Health and Human Services.  367 more words


Obama Regime claims 9 millions jobs create in 4 years

Nine million jobs created in four  years Mr Obama, Really? Now my question to Mr Obama is how many of these jobs were really new jobs? 115 more words


Obama To Relinquishing Control Of The Internet Within The Next Year.

On Friday, Obama officials announced that they intend to relinquish control of the internet to the international community, but failed to specify who, or what, would maintain oversight of the internet’s administration. 499 more words


Massive tax increases for anyone who isn’t in poverty (already)

By Joe Curl The Washington Times

It’s not often that so many incredible — even laughable — stories come along all in the same week, so let’s not waste one moment before we jump right in: 835 more words


Obama Administration’s New Proposed Rule For Medicare Part D

The Obama administration’s new proposed rule for Medicare Part D would eliminate half of all Medicare Part D plans and raise prescription drug premiums for millions of seniors by up to 20 percent, according to a U.S. 318 more words