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Politics 2.0: The President of Social Media

Obama was present in the cyber world from the start, and did not abandon it at the finish. He established trust by his active and continued online presence even after the campaign ended. 328 more words

Journalism 2.0

Poll shows 'tipping point' for post-TV political campaigns

How long will it still be called “mass” media? A recent poll found that a tipping point has been reached for political ad campaigns.

For the first time, less than half of the surveyed voters say live TV is their preferred way to watch video content. 384 more words


A Democrat And A Republican Walk Into A Church...

My friend Patrick, who is my best friend from law school and my brother from another mother, is a Republican. He’s what is referred to as an “establishment” Republican: moderately socially conservative, but mostly defined by a belief in smaller government as better for the country. 429 more words