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'Titleist distances themselves': Are Obama's golf balls narcissistic too? [photo]

@ZekeJMiller @CHRISMAL0NEY Titleist distances themselves…—
Ben Walters (@TheBenWalters) July 28, 2014

Because there was pretty much nothing else important going on in the world over the weekend, President Obama spent a few hours…

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'Doing his part to fight climate change': Guess how Obama is spending his Saturday

Today’s┬ástop on the Obama golf tour is Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

Another Saturday and Obama is whacking balls. #golf
(@toddstarnes) June 28, 2014

Emily Miller is keeping track:

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Donna Brazile promotes Obama mentoring program; Ensuing question 'wins the internet today'

Donna Brazile is helping President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” organization find mentors for kids:

President Obama is calling on all Americans to join #MyBrothersKeeper by becoming a mentor.

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