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'Says a lot about him': Laura Ingraham wants the answer to one question regarding Obama's birthday 'ritual'

Can you guess how President Obama celebrated his birthday weekend? You got it.

In birthday weekend ritual, Obama plays golf with pals before heading to Camp David, @

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'Titleist distances themselves': Are Obama's golf balls narcissistic too? [photo]

@ZekeJMiller @CHRISMAL0NEY Titleist distances themselves…—
Ben Walters (@TheBenWalters) July 28, 2014

Because there was pretty much nothing else important going on in the world over the weekend, President Obama spent a few hours…

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'Doing his part to fight climate change': Guess how Obama is spending his Saturday

Today’s┬ástop on the Obama golf tour is Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

Another Saturday and Obama is whacking balls. #golf
(@toddstarnes) June 28, 2014

Emily Miller is keeping track:

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