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23rd of November: Excellence

It’s late and I’m tired – not much preamble this week. Regular reminder that if you’d rather receive this list to your inbox every week instead of having to make the long trek to …click on a link, you can do that (you lazy bastard) by subscribing… 1,074 more words

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Bloomberg View Calls for Obama, IRS to Change Rules to Distinguish Political Activities

Bloomberg View: “President Barack Obama, who’s pretty good with words himself, could easily order the IRS to change its language. That would help curb the influence of dark money, political contributions that are shielded from public view, which amounted to some $200 million in 2014 – most of it spent on negative advertisements.” 124 more words

Migratory Triptych

The right wing nationalist wave is still spreading across Europe. Economic crisis and austerity yet again proves to be breeding ground for ideas stretching further and further into the far right. 504 more words

Just Call Him the King

Photo Credit: Elena Scotti/ The Daily Beast 

Tearing up the Constitution? Putting the rest of it in his pocket? Wow, certainly sounds like something a king would do, when he’s not busy slicing it up with Valyrian steel.

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Alaska Belatedly Declares Plans to Secede over "Seward's Folly" Insult

By Spade King
23 November 2014 12:20 EDT


Alaska is fed up with the put downs, and has declared plans to secede if even one more person refers to it as Seward’s Folly.   281 more words


Move Over Pajama Boy...

Make room for Pajama Man.

I’ve been picturing this in my head for days.

It figures that The People’s Cube would make it happen…


Obama Extends War in Afghanistan - Guest Post by Kathy Kelly

Obama Extends War in Afghanistan
by Kathy Kelly

November 23, 2014

News agencies reported Saturday morning that weeks ago President Obama signed an order, kept secret until now, to authorize continuation of the Afghan war for at least another year. 842 more words