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Obamacare program costs $50,000 for every American who gets health insurance

So $50,000 per insured for Obamacare. Does this mean that the Fed Govt will have to pay a Cadillac tax? Or did we get a Yugo for 50k? 11 more words

Ten Fast-Casual Challenges

According to Nick Vojnovic, president of Little Greek Restaurant (a fast-casual, Greek-themed, multiunit concept with an American influence based in Tampa, Florida with 19 locations in Arkansas, Florida, and Texas), the fast-casual category will be seeing constant change and challenges in 2015. 474 more words

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Obama's really big lies

Where does one start? Never mind the basic falsehoods handed out with ObamaCare. Let us go to the budgetary disasters, the ones that will blow up in 2017 as planned, when the liar is out of office. 747 more words


$50,000 per person for Obamacare

What a great deal!

Originally when Obama proposed his healthcare reform, he said it would cost $900 billion for about 30 million Americans ($30,000 per person) 121 more words


Did The GOP Just Propose Obamacare To Replace Obamacare?

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According to PoliticusUSA, the Speaker of the House John Boehner and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gave an appearance on 60 Minutes, the lowlight of which was their complete inability to discuss the Republican alternative to Obamacare. 18 more words

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Now the GOP Talks About Income Inequality

Expect a lot of “Yeah buts” in the upcoming election cycle.  As more and more signs point to a recovering United States economy, even for the ranks of the forgotten majority in this country, you can still expect to hear a lot of dissatisfaction from the right.   702 more words


Ohio, Several Universities File Lawsuit Over Obamacare Tax

COLUMBUS, Ohio (CBS Cleveland/AP) — Applying a tax aimed at helping keep premiums affordable under the federal health care law to state and local governments is unconstitutional, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine claimed in a lawsuit filed Monday. 374 more words