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On the other hand, props where due.

Here’s a fairly spectacular comic explaining what Obamacare is, why it’s that way, what it isn’t, and what it might lead to.

I don’t have a lot to add because he’s done a bang-up job of it. 87 more words


New Study Reaffirms Conservatives’ Bias and Ignorance

If you are liberal, as I am, you are probably regularly frustrated and mystified by the ignorance and misinformation of your family, friends and acquaintances of conservative persuasion. 632 more words

Mark Udall can’t run from his official voting record

 Udall one of the nation’s top donation recipients from Goldman Sachs and votes for bank bailouts

Six secrets Mark Udall doesn’t want you to
know … and the media refuses to publicize! 1,216 more words


The right’s sham Christianity: How an attack on John Kasich exposes the fraud


Ohio’s GOP governor was the darling of the right — until he sought to help poor people, in the name of Christ

Could Republican Gov. 956 more words

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Back Off in #Haiku. 10/31/14.


Stop gas tax increase.
Road infrastructure is fine.
Money goes elsewhere.

Reroute marathon.
90 minutes to Chelmsford?
Really not worth it.

Wofford got it right. 22 more words

Here Comes Obamacare....Round Two!

The first round of Obamacare saw the beleaguered and beguiled healthcare overhaul badly beaten, bruised, and fighting for life. It’s only savior is in the White House, especially if Harry Reid is relegated to the back bench in next week’s election. 536 more words