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Chuck Schumer: We Shouldn’t Have Passed Obamacare In 2010 [VIDEO]

This is from The Daily Caller.

I find myself in an unusual position of agreeing with Little Chuckie Schumer about Obamacare.


Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer threw Obamacare under the bus Tuesday, charging that Democrats should not have passed the law in 2010. 403 more words

Obamacare's Verity Disparity

Increase demand for health care and reduce the cost of care… that was the the major thrust of the Obamacare sales job. It didn’t take an MIT economist to realize that the promise would be unattainable without major steps to enhance the supply of medical care. 584 more words

Obama HHS Secretary encourages Illegals to Sign up for Obamacare

This is from Freedom OutPost.

 Rep. Joe Wilson(R-SC) caught Hell for calling Obama out on his lies about Obamacare in 2009.

Fast Forward to 2014 Rep.Joe Wilson(R-SC) is 100% correct today as he was in 2009 about Obama being a liar. 774 more words

Democrat Chuck Schumer - We Shouldn't Have Passed Obamacare in 2010

New York Democrat Chuck Schumer recently said something factually accurate.

In the video below, he admits that Obamacare was the last thing on most Americans’ minds when it was passed in 2010. 56 more words


Social Media Blunders

Since the beginning of my blog I have been talking about all the magnificent things that #SocialMedia does for businesses; however, I haven’t given a fair representation of all the blunders some social media does. 651 more words


How to talk to your Tea Party relatives about healthcare during Thanksgiving.

As your family gathers around the table this Thanksgiving, the conversation may get a little heated if your right-wing relatives bring up President Obama’s signature health law. 967 more words