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The Wisdom of the Shepherd


“I grew up with it,” he said, showing me his gun. “It was an extension of myself. It never left my side.  I learned to shoot as a child and so I was an excellent marksman. 696 more words

Communicating With The Dead

Past Life Memory Dream

Alright so I was hoping I might get a glimpse into a past life last night. I think I might have.

I can hardly remember this dream.. 275 more words


Help Crossing Over

This dream was really weird. It started out that I was goign to schol. I was still registering/dropping classes.  All of my courses were actually really neat and interesting.  403 more words


Book review: "To Heaven & Back" by Mary C. Neal, MD (Great read but it raises many concerns)

I am like many of you reading this fascinated by unusual happenings and accounts including NDEs (near death experiences), UFOs, Bigfoot, and so forth. Actually so long as a claim does not violate the established laws of physics or chemistry and has not already been convincingly refuted by contrary evidence, one must allow that the phenomenon or what-have-you in question might one day garner sufficient proof to compel acknowledging its reality. 153 more words

EGO Write Proinde EGO Sum

New Zealand Education Post Dumbing Down

For years now, successive Labour and National led governments astonishingly dumbed down education. Failed education models, one after the other, were forced on New Zealanders,  404 more words

$eany D x Ron Ron - 'No Competition' (Video)

Two (of like a million) of the Official Boiz lace us with a brand new video. Peep “No Competition”.