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I am a Dreamer

Have you ever had a terrifying dream? No, sorry I should have asked, “Did you ever had a nightmare?” Well, not just a nightmare with ghouls, blood-sucking vampires, zombies etc. 948 more words

My Life Rocks

Follow The Light and You Can't Be Wrong

AngelicView: This young man, named Geddy, has had an experience during his sleep that tops many Near Death Experiences (NDE’s). Whether you call it an NDE, and OBE, or a Lucid Dream doesn’t really matter. 467 more words


Je to doma

Tím “doma” myslím, že se mi dcerka potatila. :-)
Tuhle ráno přišla a povídá:
“Tati, dneska jsem se proudila ve snu.”
Hned jsem se ptal, jak se jí to povedlo. 77 more words

Lucidní Snění


Several months ago I discovered that I can see a lot more! When the lights are off and there is thick blackness, it’s then that I notice that vision and sight go beyond what we see in our everyday lives. 200 more words

Who is the Thinker ?`me` or my brain? an OBE point of view "I AM, therefore I think"

PHOTOGRAPHY BY RACHEL BURCH http://www.rachelburchphotography.com/

“I was flying near the ceiling, looking down at my body under my bed-covers asleep in bed. It looked pretty lifeless, one arm protruding out of the covers and my face half hidden in the pillow. 684 more words



Usually when people think of psychedelics the first thing that comes to mind are hallucinations. For instance, I have heard stories of friends who thought they were on fire, who have seen gummy bears dance, heard voices, seen people who weren’t there, and so on. 542 more words

OBE (2014-04-16)

It was morning when I woke up and fell back asleep. I was in a state of light sleep. Suddenly, I realized that I had left my body and was floating around. 91 more words