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The Sun is on It's Way

The night before last, for the first time in a while I could not fall asleep. I don’t know when I finally did fall asleep, but I felt tired in the morning. 2,042 more words


The Prince, the Stocky Man & Rumpelstiltskin

It started out that I was starting at a new job, in a big old brick/stone building. I went into the room on the third or 4th floor, and there were two girls there. 607 more words


Portal to Another World

I don’t remember entirely this dream, but since it was the second of the same nature this week, I thought I should write it down. 605 more words


What heaven's really like - by a leading brain surgeon who says he's been there:

For anyone that has lost something they can’t replace ♥

I had forgotten what it was even to be human, but one important part of my personality was still hard at work: I had a sense of curiosity.

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The Sanctuary

Squished in My Body

“After so much expansion, I feel like I’m just squished into this noodle shape when I get back in.” – Quote Me
– in a dream (apparently referring to when I return to my body after being out of body during sleep).

What. Hahaha.


My Team

Some information from this morning’s OBE is slowly coming back to me as the day progresses. Specifically the conversation I had with my guide while I floated in darkness during my OBE. 762 more words



So far this week has been pretty dull compared to last week. I am more irritable but not in a bad way. I am not surprised that I am falling below the wonderful plateau of temporary emotional stability I had last week. 1,950 more words