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What I Learned from My OBE.

For a long time I did not tell anyone about this. It had kind of freaked me out, and I didn’t know what it was or how to describe it. 1,262 more words

To the Moon

With all the excitement of my kundalini experience the other night (12/12/14) I almost forgot all about the OBE I had afterward. I specifically asked to astral. 546 more words


Sophie Lancaster's mum receives OBE

Sylvia Lancaster, the mother of murdered 20 year old Sophie Lancaster, has received an OBE. The award was made to Sylvia by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. 195 more words


Curiosity over Conformity: A Paradigm Shift in the Philippine Education System

With the Commission on Higher Education’s 2011-2016 roadmap to public higher education reform, state universities and colleges around the country are mandated to comply with all the requirements aimed toward typology, the omission of programs, accreditation, internationalization, meeting the challenges of K to 12 and the widely talked about reform called OBE or outcomes-based education. 383 more words


The missing piece

I went to sleep around 10 pm, and felt soft vibrations, and woke up fully after my second OBE ever, which supplied the missing piece for me; the experience of exiting my body and moving into an OBE state with an unbroken consciousness from waking state into an OBE state. 482 more words

Astral Projection

186.365 (55/79)

Perhaps because of the kind of world I wanted this to be I was given access to each person who fell: after my guardian, I caught the eye of a woman a little older than me with short and curly light brown hair, and an abandoned, lonely look in her eye, but then I saw what she had seen, and her brother with the death rattle in the hospital bed was my brother with the death rattle in the hospital bed, and her hand grabbing the cash on the desk after selling herself to the drunk hedge fund manager filled with rage was my hand and my body, but when I heard us say the words, … 14 more words