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Who is the Thinker ?`me` or my brain? an OBE point of view "I AM, therefore I think"

PHOTOGRAPHY BY RACHEL BURCH http://www.rachelburchphotography.com/

“I was flying near the ceiling, looking down at my body under my bed-covers asleep in bed. It looked pretty lifeless, one arm protruding out of the covers and my face half hidden in the pillow. 684 more words



Usually when people think of psychedelics the first thing that comes to mind are hallucinations. For instance, I have heard stories of friends who thought they were on fire, who have seen gummy bears dance, heard voices, seen people who weren’t there, and so on. 542 more words

OBE (2014-04-16)

It was morning when I woke up and fell back asleep. I was in a state of light sleep. Suddenly, I realized that I had left my body and was floating around. 91 more words



Sir Patrick Stewart


Captain Jean Luc-Picard (Star Trek Next Generation)


Charles Xavier (X-Men, X-Men 2, X-Men Last Stand, The Wolverine (You have to watch past the credits for his part) and X-Men Days of Future past) 281 more words


The Astral Projection Phenomena

Before I delve into the historical record and research of Astral Travel, I’d like to provide a personal first-hand account of my experience with this. It was something i will never forget, and to this day still remains vivid and omnipresent in my memories. 826 more words



Tiny and Tim are two co-workers of mine that carpool together. Tiny is a large and gentle African-American with an angelic personality. Tim is a white stocky guy you can’t help but like. 194 more words

The Path of Least Resistance


I was swept along by the tide of indecision. Always afraid of making a mistake, I never committed wholly to anything. The minute I walked into a new situation, I was already looking for the exit doors. 409 more words

Communicating With The Dead