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Wyoming, Idaho, and Nebraska

So let me start with a few differences in the south and out west.
1. It’s windy. Really really windy. What was that? I can’t hear you for all this wind! 868 more words


Dr. Dolittle and the Beginning of Spring

Spring is right around the corner and on Maynard’s Farm that means big changes!  But, before I start with the new…here is what you have missed: 430 more words



I woke up this morning around 5:30 am. It was my day off but having been sick for the last however many days, I decided to put some time in. 435 more words

Nigerian and a Buck?

Our freshened Nigerian Dwarf has been confirmed for “Aprilish”.  We have to wait until all kids on are the ground, see how many does and kids survive, and she decides who stays and who goes.  231 more words


Lelia Berry Memorial "Feather Boa Fuzzy" Dairy Goat Show

All right folks, here it is the 2014 Lelia Berry Memorial “Feather Boa Fuzzy” Dairy Goat Show.  This year is “Hot Pink”,  you can wear it, color your hair with it, bring your boa….be creative. 8 more words

Dairy Goat

Little lives

I’m reminded of spring when I step into the shop and am greeted by adorable faces and inquisitive mothers.  Gretel kidded on Friday, February 21st, 2014 (day 150) after 6 hours of contractions and an hour of hard labor.   251 more words


{this moment}

Joining Soulemama in {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. 11 more words

{this Moment}