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Lift. Run. Bend.

I’m nearing the end of the lifting restriction and am headed to my surgeon for a follow up appointment tomorrow to find out when I get back on the grind. 357 more words

Trolls and Shaming

Internet Trolling

The internet is home to some great websites that are genuinely helpful. We can reconnect with people we haven’t seen since middle school all the way to connecting to new ventures into the world of employment. 607 more words

Weight Loss

A work in progress...ME!

I’ve mentioned briefly in my recent blogs about my desire to get healthier, lose weight, etc.  I should mention that I have always struggled with my weight. 792 more words

People People Everywhere!

I am finishing up a three day-er to Cleveland from my home base near Boston. I arrived in Cleveland yesterday morning via Charlotte (guess which airline I flew?). 396 more words

Personal Dissection

Purple Corn for Regulating Body Fat Storage

You want to reduce body fat and weight just ingesting corn? Then do it with purple corn supplements. Clinical studies discussed on the blog site, “Life Enhancement,” in the article titled, … 349 more words

Purple Corn

Horse Pucky! At Least That's What I Thought.

The never-ending two week stall? My scale hasn’t moved since I started eating puree. Not up, not down, nothing, zippo, nada zilch. I changed the batteries, told my son to stand on it first, and put a weight on it  just to see how accurate it was. 672 more words