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Controlling The Fear

I am starting to wonder if I am not actually this lazy but I am afraid of working out.  Is that going to be what puts me over the edge and I’ll actually start losing serious weight.   428 more words

Are You Loving It?

Young Oakland artists L.L.D.B., Pamela Arriera, and Taiwo Murray collaborated with AshEL SeaSunZ (of the green hip-hop group Earth Amplified) to write the track, using a beat created for the project by FX at Youth Uprising. 19 more words


Cheers To The Weekend!

After work I literally couldn’t make it until 6 to eat so I ate at like 4:30. Whoops. I ate a lot of chicken though, that should stick with me at least until the morning! 224 more words

New obesity study: Weight gain prevention using bacteria

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A new study shows hope in the fight against obesity.

Scientists at Vanderbilt are creating bacteria that act as a therapeutic compound in the gut. 57 more words



Surprisingly, the U.S. does not top the list. While the U.S. had the highest obesity rate among adults, Greece had the largest proportion of overweight children. 12 more words


Fighting the Obesity Epidemic with X-box [No, not that one]

Despite all the efforts, people are losing the war on obesity. There is probably a number of factors involved, genetics, underlying medical problems, most of all diet, but in any case we are living in a world that is slightly heavier than our historical counterparts. 630 more words


Study: Obese Workers Have Less Endurance On The Job

BLACKSBURG, VA (CBS) – Obese people might have less endurance on the job than the average worker.

Researchers from Virginia Tech studied 32 people categorized as either non-obese young, obese young, non-obese older, or obese older who were instructed to complete three tasks that required multiple uses of the upper extremities. 197 more words