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Dog Obesity: The Truth About Starch

In a book about the fate of human societies, the author framed the discussion with a rhetorical question; why did European descendants come to dominate Native Americans instead of the other way around, with Geronimo scalping the king of England.   1,384 more words


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Zurvita Culture

A company’s culture is something that forms over time and is usually a reflection of the leaders. Zurvita’s Philosophy of Success is based on 3 core principles: 696 more words


New study shows Ramen noodles are bad for your heart

DALLAS, Texas (PIX11) — This may be the worst news for college students since the invention of Sally Mae.

A new study found that instant noodles are bad for your heart. 97 more words


What is Zeal For Life?

The Science of Zeal Wellness

Science Meets Nature to Create Zeal Wellness

Zeal Wellness is a unique and proprietary formula designed to deliver immediate results as well as long-term health benefits. 759 more words


Dr. Gifford-Jones: Death in the electronic age

Do you want to die at an early age? I doubt that many people would be willing to say “Yes” to this question. But a report in the Canadian Medical Association Journal says this is going to happen unless North Americans learn about the dangers of the electronic age. 415 more words


Holiday exercise and eating

I’ve been thinking… we all know that’s dangerous. Why when we come on holiday do we feel the need to stuff our faces and why do we not take advantage of all of the opportunities to exercise that present themselves? 372 more words

Healthy Eating

Viral Obesity Fears: Based on Fat or Fiction?

Over the past week as I’m going through my Facebook newsfeed, Every. Single. One. Of the suggested posts was, in some way, food related. The food you should eat. 1,411 more words