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Most Overweight People Speak English

Maybe it’s the language that is making making people fat. You see it in English ads time and time again where they encourage other people to eat sugar extract products liberally. 208 more words

Fat People's Obsession With Marilyn Monroe

Can we please stop the Marilyn Monroe nonsense once and for all? You know what I’m talking about: the content fatties spew in regards to convoluting Marilyn Monroe’s figure, how much she weighed and her body type. 158 more words

Fat Shaming

A Beautiful Fat to Fit Transformation

I’m so proud of this man and woman! What a beautiful transformation!

Fat Shaming

New evidence that fast food is bad for kids' learning

The consequences of a poor diet may have been laid bare by a new study published in Clinical Pediatrics (paywall), which suggests that children who eat regularly at McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and the like don’t perform as well at school as their peers. 322 more words

23 Packs of sugar in a Coca-Cola...

I wonder if the amounts are even worse in the USA since products oftentimes have different formulations to skirt around regulations.

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When did it become OK? Just when?

So, I ask again, when did it become OK? Just exactly when?

Just what am I on about now?

Yesterday, we spent several hours at CT International airport. 419 more words