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Until fairly recently – until civilization – nature was a subject, not an object.  In hunter-gatherer societies no strict division or hierarchy existed between the human and the non-human.

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Revenge Again

Last week I made a post about a man, Kevin Cotter, who created a blog with pictures of him using his ex-wife’s wedding dress in very unusual ways as a revenge for being dumped. 203 more words

Eye or Sink

This image from gizmodo looks like an eye staring back or the drain in a sink.


The Stone Man

I took this picture at the foundry I mentioned in one of my previous posts. It wasn’t until I looked at this area of the ruins from a different angle that I saw a “man” kneeling inside the foundation. 54 more words


Basic sentence structure

For English speakers, as well as speakers of most European languages would know that the sentence structure of those languages is mainly.

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