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No one portion of time can coincide with another

“Until very recent times, the sound object, fleeting and tied to the passage of an irreversible and irrecoverable period of time, presented as a human phenomenon much more than an objective fact. 286 more words


Ikea's Rolled Up Packaging for Their Pillows

I recently took a trip to Ikea for some household items.  I love Ikea, but not for the showroom.  I love it for the Marketplace… 451 more words


Practical Reference Type (POCO) Example

So the other day, I was asked by a colleague that is learning to program what a practical use case would be for using custom objects (also known as… 1,645 more words


JavaScript: Prototype Inheritance System

'use strict';

// Prototype Object Builder
//  1. Utility Function used to make Prototypal Inheritance easier to accomplish in one action
//  2. Use by passing in a useful based Object which you want to use as the prototype for the new Object
function objectBuilder (protoObject){
    var F = function(){};
    F.prototype = protoObject;
    return new F();

// All Objects are linked to a Prototype Object
// 1.
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JavaScript: Objects


Objects in JavaScript are class-free, meaning that they are not created via a static class (template) as they are in object-oriented programming languages such as C# or Java. 452 more words


A couple of rough object studies

Here are two object studies. I used the usual pencils & colour pencils. 12 more words