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Pukka Pad Jotta 200

The Pukka Pad Jotta 200 would not be my first choice of notebook.

Its listing of features on the cover and its streamlined name, one that feels almost as suitable for a car as it does a journal, do not appeal, not to mention its soft shell and ‘micro-perfed’ pages. 140 more words

Simple Toggle to Change View

Here’s a simple bit of code which combined with a toggle button allows the user to change the view of a worksheet. 349 more words


light of the united nations

traffic light in front of the united nations building 1st avenue at 47th street.

may all be happy.


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Counters in Japanese

One thing that can be a bit challenging about learning Japanese is its system for counting items. In this post I’ll go over that and give some related resources. 500 more words


Knapps Ophthalmotrop

Not an artwork or assemblage but an instructional model of the eye’s muscular workings made by Hermann Knapp in 1861.



Magritte's Pipe and Passport

One of Tigerloaf’s favourite painters, born 116 years ago on this day

René François Ghislain Magritte
21 November 1898 – 15 August 1967