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BREAKING: Jezebel totally OK with Objectification

This just in, Jezebel is totally OK with objectification … so long as the person being objectified happens to be a man.

In a hypocrisy-laden piece, … 382 more words

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When Being A Heterosexual Male Becomes Objectifying Women

It was difficult to read Matt Saccaro’s article At What Point Does Being a Heterosexual Male Become Objectifying Women? here on Thought Catalog. He seems to be self-flagellating for feeling physically attracted to women. 484 more words

Objectification: The Cause Of Slut Shaming

First published on www.cliterati.co.uk on 8/2/14.

“Objectification.” It’s a word we hear all too often. The charge of “objectification” is levelled at films, the news media, lyrics, art, and of course porn. 861 more words



When my father removes his belt
he pulls pin from hole without looking,
strikes hide hard on shabby chintz,
his mood snaps briskly.
Liquorice grooves make stripes… 19 more words

At What Point Does Being A Heterosexual Male Become Objectifying Women?

“Did she have a nice ass?” my two friends said in unison. I was recalling a date from almost a year ago that I was finally telling them about in detail now. 807 more words

I’m About To Get Objectified, And It’s Going To Be Awesome!

Thirty-three years ago, my good-looking dad crammed his dick into my good-looking mom, and they had a good-looking kid. I spent my formative years cramming many a snack into my good-looking face, so my face and the body that goes with it have always been chubby. 755 more words

Your catcall is not a compliment

I’ve been wanting to write this for a long time and now that I am, I’m frustrated that this topic still needs to be addressed. I know that there exists many articles on the internet talking about this topic, even… 1,085 more words