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Overcoming The Objections

Do You Know How to Overcome the Objections to Your Home Business, Crush the competition & Increase Conversions? “Ohh Drat” this is what….


Objections: Can the Bible Prove Itself?

Part 1: “Unity in Diversity”

It’s as if he were saying, “I’m speaking to you on every available frequency.  Are you listening?”

The last post briefly surveyed the evidence that the Bible we read today is essentially the same as it was when it was written.

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Objections: The Bride Has a Black Eye

Hypocrisy, greed, immorality and corruption all serve to keep the eye of Christ’s Bride perpetually blackened in the public opinion of America.

It’s trite and it’s cliché.  

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Objections: Hasn't the Bible Been Changed Over Thousands of Years?

The Christian faith is based on the Bible.  The Bible is our ultimate authority, because in it, God has specifically uncovered His plan for mankind.  A lot rests on the Bible.  406 more words

The Call of Gideon - Call Narratives, Part Three

Whew, I have begun to receive wisdom from God through this study on the Call Narratives, and I am overwhelmingly grateful to God. This post will be the third of the Call Narratives series. 1,282 more words


Customer Service Fundamentally Speaking

Good banking customer service is fundamental; especially in today’s business environment.  If you’re asking yourself why it’s important to give the best customer service you can, then you might be “missing the boat.”  Here are some ideas on why you should and how you can: 187 more words

Customer Experience

Three Challenges for Naturalistic Ethics

By: John D. Ferrer
Originally: 13 January 2013, updated 28 September 2014

It is common for naturalistic thinkers in ethics to argue that our moral values are derived entirely from nature. 732 more words