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Why Definitions Must Be Justified by Evidence

Are definitions a matter of arbitrary social convention?

Well let’s find out if it makes sense to say that they are. Let’s imagine that Adam’s culture defines “space pixie” as “one of the living creatures that has wings, and whose species is solely responsible for bringing water to Earth.” 838 more words

Ayn Rand

Objectivism in Nigeria? Sorry, 404 Not Found

“Now I see the free face of god and I raise this god over all the earth, this god who men have sought since men came into being, the god who will grant them joy and peace and pride. 810 more words


Student Question: Did she make the book or the philosophy first?

Did she make the book or the philosophy first? Philosophy came first. Rand developed her own unique brand of philosophy called egoism, centered on the idea that an individual should act “selfishly” – that is, act mostly, or only, to promote her own happiness. 58 more words


Student Question: Why Should We Read This Book?

Imagine yourself in a future where individuality has been eliminated. Every human being exists only to serve the greater collective of mankind: the “great WE.” You have no say over how you live, who you spend time with, what you study, or what job you get. 234 more words

Ayn Rand

Why Did Ayn Rand Write Anthem?

Collectivism, in Ayn Rand’s view, is the belief that the individual should be subjugated to the group and sacrificed for the common good. Anthem depicts the evils to which collectivism leads when implemented consistently. 80 more words


Why Do Politicians Love Ayn Rand?

Many of my middle schoolers have asked, “Who even reads her stuff?” Ayn Rand has made a significant impression with politicians in the United States. Many politicians and leaders have turned to Ayn Rand for inspiration. 43 more words

Ayn Rand

Do measurements always tell the whole story?

In audio forums there is usually a clear dividing line between ‘subjectivists’ and ‘objectivists’, with the objectivists maintaining that measurements can tell us all we need to know. 589 more words