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Quick Post - Louis Zukofsky

Beautiful extract from ’12’
I am like another, and another, who has finished learning
And has just begun to learn

An incredibly senseless creation, chaos made poem if you ask me, but all of it is worth it just for this two lines. 9 more words


Ten Things About the New "Atlas Shrugged" movie - in lieu of an actual review

1.  It may or may not be better than part 2.  It’s definitely better than part 1.  Libertarians are basically panning it everywhere, not for its (in)fidelity to Rand’s book, but for the talents of the directors and producers. 549 more words

Gary Johnson

Atlas Shrugged III: Who is Deluded Enough to Think This Was a Good Movie?

You know how you can’t tell Scientologists that Battlefield Earth was a bad movie, no matter how much self-evident proof you have, no matter how many cringe worthy scenes you could show, no matter that we supposedly all live in reality…why because it is a book by their blessed prophet and nothing even remotely tied to the holy one could possibly be bad. 818 more words


Thoughts on "Atlas Shrugged, Part 3: Who is John Galt?"

I just got back from watching the matinee showing of Atlas Shrugged Part 3 in Times Square with a few friends (and a girlfriend). Times Square is of course the… 2,281 more words

English 10: Introduction to Anthem

We began today writing in our journals responses to questions regarding the novel Anthem by Ayn Rand we will be beginning to read tomorrow. After debriefing the impromptu process from Friday, we discussed what type of government system is best, what our government should do for us and what purpose it should serve in our lives, as well as where we see ourselves falling on the political spectrum. 94 more words

English 10

Letters to a Pilgrim Pt. 6

Dear Bear Necessities,

Yes I agree, your pilgrimage could in fact be considered a ‘aesthetic experience.’ But like I mentioned in my previous letter, you must be careful to remember that it is not the beauty itself you should attend to, it is that which the beauty points to that deserves your attention.  323 more words

Live for yourself first!

It’s okay to support your family and care for your near and dear ones, but truth is if you lose yourself in them too much, you will ultimately lose yourself in the seduction of doing everything for your dear people. 171 more words

Personal Development