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Definition of the Day 4/3/14

OBJECTIVISM, n. 1)  A cult ideology combining sociopathy with worship of the only literary inferior of Danielle Steele; 2) The most grandiose excuse imaginable for failure to pay child support. 51 more words


Day 31- I would like to order the half-dem, half repub, light socialist with extra gun rights, please.

The more that I learn about what it is to be a Libertarian, the more confusing it is. It seems like there is an endless array of choices: Geolibertarian, Paleolibertarian, Objectivist; the list goes on. 305 more words

Pagan Objectivist Becomes Plain Objectivist

A few weeks ago I made a conscious decision to, as I told myself, “return to paganism.” The “return” came at the end of a essay in which I explored the history of my relationship with religion. 848 more words

Pagan With Stupid Objectivist Conscience


I grew up Jewish and never sincerely bought into it. I like the Jewish god because I admire some of his characteristics. These included freedom to express anger; physical control over his environment; absolute power. 1,187 more words