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love me
simply because
I love you
you don’t owe me
your patience
your loyalty
your breath on my neck
do not love me… 114 more words

Manifestation of Moloch

I sense you Moloch; stirring hurricanes of piercing winds and scorching fire,

watching me from the deepest darkest depths of abyss that you call heart. 357 more words

Dance Moloch

I choose me...

Another holiday is upon us and once again I’ve managed to upset.. someone.. in my life.. It never fails really, but this time it’s because I choose me instead of being miserable..  1,355 more words


“I’d Love You To Want Me”

When I saw you standing there
I bout fell out my chair
And when you moved your mouth to speak… 102 more words


Obligation and Expectation...What They Shouldn't Be

I swear, I could write a novel on the dumb things people say on Facebook. So many things on a daily basis that have me shaking my head and/or my fist. 768 more words

Yet another community obligation day..

This time, flatting and adding better drainage to the soccer field ‘Colpar’..  which is where the first two latrines went up and has always been a popular spot… 96 more words


If you can dream - and not make dreams your master

When I was in university, I had a course mate who enjoyed reading business-related books, for example “How to Be Rich before 30″, “You can Be Rich with These Ideas!” and so on (these are not the exact book titles).   500 more words