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Obligation Versus Will

Dear World, 

There is a fierceness of will that allows the feelings of obligation to exist.

I just cant figure out why. What is the attachment we have to people, places, and things we don’t need? 387 more words

Are Obligations to the Government Infinite?

Gather round, boys and girls, it’s analogy time!

Scenario A:  You walk into an unfamiliar bar in a bad part of town.  You sit down at the bar, and the bartender approaches you and says, “Hey buddy, you look really thirsty,” and slides you a cold beer.  1,470 more words

General Theory

The Burden.

When you think of the word burden it often carries negative connotations. It either refers to something very heavy or to something you don’t want to do. 375 more words


Domo Obligato: The Gift and the Curse

“You haven’t given me a gift; you’ve given me an obligation.” ~Sheldon Cooper

On December 21st of last year I got a package in the mail from a woman I haven’t spoken to in probably five years. 596 more words


wikipedia poem, no. 23

How to Deal with Failure in the Age of Reddit

           known as reductio ad 
       absurd this platonic 
     object  but  not exist
   yes, if you are existence then count
main characters
   certain certain sensory (see threatfulness) textual this perfectly specific here
         in fact the
      black takes a bicycle 
the computer the computer
         the population 
	this is 
          a text: egg fried in freedom
       of free 
          will  your obligation
   compiles failure
ergo sum
    sound deep below art
does nonexistence 
and existence in certain sensations
in the face of
braces it.

What do you do to get love?

It’s been an interesting few weeks here in Goddess Breakfast Land. Keri and I have intermittently been building blanket forts to hide beneath and rolling around the floor laughing outrageously at our own antics. 862 more words


My pastor says that everything comes down to the issues of the heart. I think he is right. Today I was on the way to church and remembered that I did not prepare my offering. 433 more words