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Ignorantly Ignorant

We all have our pet peeves; some things drive us completely insane, for some it is pencil tapping, germs, or even a lack of cleanliness. I especially hate ignorance; what is even worse is someone preaching in ignorance. 179 more words

Constructive Anger

So, my day yesterday started by slipping on a bag of dog crap that someone considerately left in the middle of the sidewalk…

and then having a run in with the van at the crosswalk that I later called about, 162 more words


Personal Tutor

The little one is doing homework, so, dramatiCAT decided she would read along. Haha…


You’ll take some more history?

The other day, I was queuing at a sport store cashier, when a quite elegant, obnoxious looking 50-something year-old man pointed out the logo displayed on my jacket. 161 more words

Relocating To Canada

A Fat Pill

So true story…

This guy at work goes to me today, “Hey, did you get a fat pill?”

I am thinking to myself DID I put on a few pounds…but still how totally rude.  132 more words


Obnoxious Doors

It tells you do not enter,
It repeats for your amusement.
It’s edges are chipped
The colour fading
And Life disintegrating.

I clasp the handle… 80 more words