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Five 10 year olds all night! Just shoot me now! Two are very sweet and quiet children and two are loud and obnoxious. Then there’s mine… She falling somewhere in the middle. 19 more words

Young people can be a bit obnoxious...

…whereas old people hide their obnoxiousness poorly. Hurrah for being a not-young fart.


Detroit Rock City is juvenile, crass, and loud, just like KISS itself


Despite the plot similarities—both movies are about teenage twits hell-bent on seeing their greasepaint-laden glam-rock idols in the flesh— 463 more words

i woke up last night and couldn’t breathe well because my nose & throat were both clogged. it started yesterday at work when my throat felt a little stuffy and i had a little cough. 829 more words

When it comes up, the broad leaves look like Rubarb. Instead, it is the non-native invasive Common Burdock (Arctium minus). Burdock is a biennial, so, in the first year lovely lush leaves appear – often exceeding 10 inches across. 111 more words


Oh Good Heavens, 7-Eleven has Gone to Hell

I know many of the 7-Elevens are franchises, but I swear, everytime I go into one of those privately run quick marts, I find a surly, obnoxious, completely unhelpful manager/owner.   188 more words

Over placement.

I’m between the rude customers, store manager who doesn’t want me to learn, uncooperative staff and repulsive encounters, I’m quite over clinical practice at this site and can’t wait for it to end.