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Shut Up, I'm Trying to Sleep

There are times, like tonight, when I want to do nothing more than scream out my apartment door at everyone around us because for whatever reason, having a party in this building means switching from apartment to apartment, standing in the stairways gabbing, stumbling up and down the stairs, slamming doors, yelling for the person you’re going home with because you’re too drunk to function otherwise, and then scattering all the drunken remains of the night in the parking lot. 164 more words


Are You an Obnoxious Sports Fan?

You know the type—rubs it in when their team wins, talks down about everyone else’s team, will talk non-stop about their team’s superiority (while overlooking any faults) to anything possessing an ear, and so on. 227 more words


Facebook -where opinions and passions go to die

If you have ever seen a cockroach slowly struggle for life as it is sprayed with poison then you will know exactly what it is like to be on the opposing end of a Facebook fight. 248 more words

You're Welcome

I can cause you pain
With two memorable words:
Yellow Submarine


Adventures in Darkness Chapter 6-8

In the book Adventures in Darkness by Tom Sullivan, chapter six through nine is about the relationship between Tommy and his sister Peggy. Peggy is annoyed of frequently being stuck babysitting Tommy. 332 more words


The One With Thumbs

RJ is not a work in progress.  RJ is a piece of work.

Comic Commentary

Things Moms find annoying about New Moms on Social Media (Well things that annoy me anyway)

As parents we find ourselves with a plethora of information. We are given several different views and suggestions on how to raise our children. But what none of that information will tell you is just how annoying social media can be. 530 more words