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i woke up last night and couldn’t breathe well because my nose & throat were both clogged. it started yesterday at work when my throat felt a little stuffy and i had a little cough. 829 more words

When it comes up, the broad leaves look like Rubarb. Instead, it is the non-native invasive Common Burdock (Arctium minus). Burdock is a biennial, so, in the first year lovely lush leaves appear – often exceeding 10 inches across. 111 more words


Oh Good Heavens, 7-Eleven has Gone to Hell

I know many of the 7-Elevens are franchises, but I swear, everytime I go into one of those privately run quick marts, I find a surly, obnoxious, completely unhelpful manager/owner.   188 more words

Over placement.

I’m between the rude customers, store manager who doesn’t want me to learn, uncooperative staff and repulsive encounters, I’m quite over clinical practice at this site and can’t wait for it to end.

My Sister is Addicted to Zumba. God Help us All.

My sister has posted obnoxious picture after obnoxious picture of “OMG!  Us at ZUMBA!!!”  and  “OMG!  HEALTHY SNACKS!”  She is at a good weight, but that was before Zumba.  97 more words

Words and Actions...

I’m a thinker. I am thinking all of the time and I almost always am overthinking things. So, I was thinking (HA!) that perhaps it was time that I just start writing some of these things down. 1,004 more words

Thinking Too Much

Obnoxious with Opinions

I will be honest, I’m going to have a quick vent about vegans and vegetarians. As a once vegetarian of 6 years, and now passionate about real, traditional foods, I can assure you I understand both sides of the story. 1,040 more words