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Mania Mania – Fashion Film Edition #2

“Maniamania might be one of the most-talked about accessories labels right now–for good reason. The moody, beautiful and captivating designs (typically of silver, bronze and crystals) are extension of their winsome creators.” (W Magazine)


Obscura Vol. 1

Howdy! Continuing an unintentional theme (which, I totally don’t mind) let’s take a look at a horror comic from Fifth Dimension Comics, Obscura Vol. 1

Camera Obscura-4AD Sessions EP

Back on April 19th I was a man on a mission. Record Store Day tends to bring out the primal brutality of humanity, so I made sure I was prepared with my list and a “stay out of my way” mentality. 276 more words


History of Cameras [Dave]

The camera, as we all know is a device used to capture and record images which evolved from the early concept known as the camera obscura. 641 more words

Quickies: Obscura shake-up, King 810 continue to suck, plus DRUM CAM!

Quick turnaround for Quickies today, because hey! It’s Friday, and I don’t want to spend any more time on these than I need to. Here’s what we’ve got for you today: 168 more words


Obscura Night at Telegraph Brewing Company

July 10

Obscura is Telegraph’s series of limited project beers that are sometimes robust, sometimes wild, and never predictable. These highly guarded, small quantity batches marry the creativity of different yeast, flavor profiles and aging methods. 52 more words

Firestone + Telegraph Rare Beer Tapping

July 9

Firestone and Telegraph Brewing Company will have a rare beer tapping at Armada Santa Barbara. The two companies are coming together, at Armada’s awesome craft beer and wine bar, in brotherhood to celebrate creativity and sophistication in our crafts. 68 more words