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Obscura auditions closed

Earlier this year German progressive death metal band Obscura lost drummer Hannes Grossman and guitarist Christian Muenzer due to musical difference and, in the case of Muenzer, a medical condition that could leave him without the ability to play. 93 more words


OBSCURA - Festival of Photography

Following on its successful inaugural event in 2013, OBSCURA Festival is pleased to announce details of its second edition, which will run from 11 – 31 August 2014 in George Town, Penang. 366 more words

Forward to the past, or: Yesterday was a big day

and today I really feel like writing, so who knows what will happen.

First, I went to the housewarming party of my best friend from high school (newly divorced) and saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen in twenty-five years: her mom and sisters, with whom I spent a lot of time back then, and some people from high school, and oddly, the female lead of the musical in which Obscura’s son has been appearing. 270 more words

Richard Armitage

Mania Mania – Fashion Film Edition #2

“Maniamania might be one of the most-talked about accessories labels right now–for good reason. The moody, beautiful and captivating designs (typically of silver, bronze and crystals) are extension of their winsome creators.” (W Magazine) 305 more words


Obscura Vol. 1

Howdy! Continuing an unintentional theme (which, I totally don’t mind) let’s take a look at a horror comic from Fifth Dimension Comics, Obscura Vol. 1 279 more words

Camera Obscura-4AD Sessions EP

Back on April 19th I was a man on a mission. Record Store Day tends to bring out the primal brutality of humanity, so I made sure I was prepared with my list and a “stay out of my way” mentality. 276 more words


History of Cameras [Dave]

The camera, as we all know is a device used to capture and record images which evolved from the early concept known as the camera obscura. 641 more words