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We’re all made of StarDust


I somehow kept hoping to see “ The Nine Realms ”, in there somewhere. ;-)


Tegmark's Level II Multiverse: bubble universes

I recently finished reading Max Tegmark’s latest book, ‘Our Mathematical Universe‘, about his views on multiverses and the ultimate nature of reality.  This is the second in a series of posts on the concepts and views he covers in the book.   1,234 more words


What is the Multiverse, and why do we think it exists? 

[…] Our observable Universe caps out at about 92 billion light-years in diameter, less than a thousand times as large in all directions as our previous scale. 255 more words


The cosmological horizon problem answer, I think

Last week, I did a brief post asking if anyone knew why the horizon problem was a problem since the universe had started as an infinitesimally small point.   888 more words


Review of the Quantum Tetrahedron - part II

Intrinsic coherent states

A class of wave-packet states is given by the coherent states, which are  states labelled by classical variables (position and momenta) that minimize the spread of both.  698 more words

Quantum Mechanics

Review of the Quantum Tetrahedron - part 1

Over the last few posts the level of mathematics as been rather high  so I’ve decided to review our basic understanding of the Quantum Tetrahedron… 1,341 more words

Quantum Mechanics