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“It seems to me that Western Christian culture is all about objects. For an African it is not so important to preserve a mask from the sixteenth century. 45 more words


Time for peace in the Middle East

Peace is extended, not imposed.

You cannot extend peace with guns, rockets, tanks or any other means of violence.

You use violence (war) to impose defeat – not peace. 388 more words



“There was a certain luxury to charity that she could not identify with and did not have. To take ‘charity’ for granted, to revel in this charity towards people whom one did not know – perhaps it came from having had yesterday and having today and expecting to have tomorrow.”

- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Americanah


humility vs honesty

“Humility had always seemed to him a specious thing, invented for the comfort of others; you were praised for humility by people because you did not make them feel any more lacking than they already did. 27 more words


who am I to say?

In one mood or day I will look at something I made or tried to make and find it full of problems and if I’ve composed it into an ebook offering feel sorely tempted to unpublish pronto and sometimes do so though I hear that’s an unwise action but if this is my humble biz I want the front to be no disappointing display; but then I might on a whim pull out the thing to maybe tinker with it because of pulling it off the shelf and it was pulled off the shelf for a reason, the reason because a review revealed many seething and writhing problems; but there in the fresher review I become surprised because what was a work full of problems a month ago, now reads better than I remembered so I put it back where it was without changing a thing and regret pulling it off the shelf at all. 254 more words


Am I the toiletry industry’s wet dream?

This morning, I counted up how many different products I apply to myself before I leave the bathroom.

Early on in my yet-to-be-published novel, SINGLED OUT, my main character, a woman in her 40’s readies herself for the day. 434 more words


When she invites

Throughout my lived life I was always in search of someone whom with I could fall in love. I felt always that someone must be there my heart cries for. 480 more words