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Truth and proof: Valentine day. Occult Illuminati?


I find it very fishy that Oscar ‘mistakenly killed’ Reeva on 2013 February 14, Valentine’s Day. Why? Well, amongst other things 2013/ 2/ 14 adds up to 13. 59 more words


Boston Pride or Greed?

As I was walking the streets of Boston yesterday I couldn’t help but not notice all the vendors selling various clothing and trinkets commemorating the bombing that took place last year. 411 more words



He said


is found


her fragility.

He said


is found


her vulnerability.

He said


is found


her purity.

He said… 7 more words


Skewed vision

Socially challenged

wandering among the masses

an observation


skewed vision

worth pondering

but not relaying


those perfect specimens

would never hear the words… 143 more words



Quiet contemplation. Its truly unique to listen, and listen, and listen. Have you ever sat in a room filled with people and just listened? Without interacting with others, just listening-can be so insightful. 76 more words

Mental Health


“Time is an illusion; on-time doubly so.” The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.

This is just going to have to be one of those blogs where I can’t  begin to convey the complexity and “all out magic” that is everyday technology disguised as something so common, we walk over it all the time. 399 more words

The Way Home

For the past year (YEAR!), since J and I moved into our place and I commenced my commute to and from work via foot and streetcar, I’ve been keeping up a pretty stalwart gallery on Facebook called, “On the Way Home – a gallery for things I see on the way home from work.” A way of relaxing after a long day, I just shoot things on my phone and then upload them over a glass of wine on my porch when I get home.  2,639 more words

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