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EDU 6171: Instructional Strategies Observation

I spent the day with a biology teacher observing the instructional strategies used in a science classroom as compared to a math classroom. The most obvious differences I noticed were; more use of direct instruction and more hands on activities. 521 more words


On the train this lady forced a guy out of his seat when there was only standing room and everyone was watching and it was super uncomfortable. 123 more words

2014 #222

the raptor sailing on October’s
dearer sun’s grace could tell us
about life in a cloud if we busy,

over-proud ants could unglue
our fingers and sever… 104 more words


Changing Mindsets Part 3: Observing Classroom Behaviors

In my last two posts I have covered the first five steps that teachers can take to help change their mindset about classroom behaviors. In this post I will focus on the sixth step. 718 more words

Classroom Management

Day 22 – Keep Moving

I mentioned in an earlier post that my final project for my Certificate in Positive Psychology began around noticing the signs of positive psychology all around us. 55 more words


People put serious weight on judgements of character based on facial structure alone.

“There has been a recent boom in research on how people attribute social characteristics to others based on the appearance of faces—independent of cues about age, gender, race, or ethnicity.

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How to start a war and lose an empire

But what a difference a year and a half has made! Ukraine, which was at that time collapsing at about the same steady pace as it had been ever since its independence two decades ago, is now truly a defunct state, with its economy in free-fall, one region gone and two more in open rebellion, much of the country terrorized by oligarch-funded death squads, and some American-anointed puppets nominally in charge but quaking in their boots about what’s coming next. 150 more words