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Feeling Excluded? Look For A Drawbridge.

“Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.” — Doug Larson

Ever get a feeling that no one is paying attention to you?

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Not concepts and definitions, but direct observation of reality

At the present time people generally give validity only to natural phenomena, phenomena of the physical world which are part of historical evolution. They will have to give validity again to spiritual events, which can be perceived with the aid of spiritual science, for only then can the events in which human beings are caught up be really understood. 254 more words


Home is where the heart is. Where the plans are made. Where legs are rested. Souls revived.

Shelter’s latest magazine dropped on my mat. I placed it on the little table next to my sofa. I made a cup of tea and located the welsh cakes. 390 more words


Is this it...?!

This can’t be all there is.

“You’re still so young!” they say…


These clouds will shed the grey;

And tomorrow is another day, 107 more words


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Myriad Desires

does not seem
enough number
to describe the
ants’ feet that have
laid a desire track
across the marble.
is it grooved
or polished? 27 more words