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On the streets 4


The rainy day edition.


She was walking in fast, wide strides. The night was cold and wet, yet her black leather jacket was not even buttoned up, revealing a tight black tank top. 234 more words

Twelve Shots Deep

“So I took twelve shots of whiskey before this,” the large man, reeking of alcohol, told me while he took a seat, well stumbled into his seat, beside me. 508 more words

Observational Writing

What Do You Think

Do you ever wonder what is going on inside someone else’s head? What they’re thinking about while they eat their sandwich and tap away on their expensive iPhone? 746 more words


Incomprehension of Ignorance

“I think the problem is that a lot of people are scared of immigration,” the sciolistic man across from me said to his friend. I had been listening in on their foreign policy conversation for about ten minutes and I about had had it with their ignorance on the subject. 445 more words


A Room With a View

Looking out the window, I felt like I could see it all. From the birds on top of the apartment building, to the squirrels on the street, I could feel myself falling in love with the view. 584 more words



She has brown, greasy, obviously lacking a washing- hair, glasses with pink rims, a purple puffy winter coat, and light wash jeans. The girl, whom I decided to name Tammy, is sitting diagonal of me. 416 more words


On the streets 3

She climbed the bar, stood on all fours, and whipped her hair. A petite woman in worn jeans and with faded eyes. The bartender, a giant, muscular man, carefully poured some water over her long, jet-black locks. 197 more words

Short Fiction