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You Were Here, and After You’re Gone, I Was Left, in Lonely’s Company

So, was your leaving, the primary cause of my lonely, or, am I lonely from before, but you were the distraction I’d needed, and now that you’re gone, lonely started attacking, once more??? 252 more words


Why We Do Selfies

Pretty place. Pretty
face. This day and we won’t last.
Dude. Get the picture?


Face Reading, a Poem



You can say

That I’d gained understanding of book I’d read

But don’t say

That I can clearly understand what I read off of people’s faces… 102 more words


The Floating Bridge of Dreams

Reading Lady Murasaki Shikibu’s The Tale of Genji -

1000 years old with its 400 tanka.

Like the western sonnet, the tanka turns,

from the pivotal image to personal response. 18 more words


Observation of Dam banks & Exposed Earth

We have been observing God’s perfect design to heal the earth when it has been disturbed or degraded by us.

Fungi growing in the rocky, clay soil. 1,242 more words


Background Static

“Awareness and Equanimity are the only measurements along this path,” repeated our Dhamma doot (translation: messenger, ambassador), aka S. N. Goenka. I remember hearing the words awareness and equanimity on the speakers every day, multiple times a day during long and short Vipassana meditation courses. 496 more words

Personal Experiences

Four Primary Reasons for Why People Wouldn’t Want to Get Treatment for Their Cancers

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

  1. Being Elderly
  2. Fearing Chemo
  3. Fearing Going Under the “Knife
  4. Fearing that Treatment May Affect the Quality of Life

The newest research results discovered, that nearly twenty percent of those who were diagnosed, formally, with cancer did NOT seek out treatment options in the three months after they’d been diagnosed, and their rates of death is three times MORE than those who’d gotten treatment right away. 567 more words