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Sitting Down in the Shade vs. Sunlight

When you go to the beach what is one of the first things you do after jumping in and swimming for a bit?  For me it was always layout on a towel, chill out and get some sun.   362 more words


Fair Weather Tassels

I’m finally getting out with the kids. There’s a park not far from my house to which we walk and, while there, thoroughly enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. 85 more words


We Need a Bunny Bomb!

Remember playing TSTO last Halloween? We had to take down ghosts to win GOO. It was not radically different from bunny zapping for eggs. During Halloween, however, we had both a vacuum tool that sucked up ghosts when you got near them and, most excitingly, a Ghost Bomb that eviscerated all ghosts in the town in an instant. 217 more words


How To Tell Spring has Arrived in Ottawa

The top ten ways to tell spring in here in the capital!

1. Patios, patios, patios…

It doesn’t matter that it’s only 5 degrees out and you are wearing your winter coat. 410 more words


Choose Yourself - Chapters 2 & 3

It’s been one of THOSE weeks. You know, where everything just goes to hell. Where you have 3 jobs going all at once, and suddenly, everything is due. 1,201 more words


The Folly of Bad Arguments

Let this be a notice to apologists who want to criticize Atheism there is a right way to do it, a wrong way to do it and a way to do it that makes you look utterly clueless. 1,890 more words



Once again, you get to know who really runs this Popsicle stand by who you can criticize. Much like Joe the Plumber and Kato Kaelin, … 675 more words

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