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A little something called your computer's history

You don’t have to be an IT expert these days to know about a little something called your computer’s history. Back when the Internet was first being explored by us commoners, the intricacies of our activity were tougher to figure out as we struggled to understand how connecting to our phone line can make pictures appear on a screen. 414 more words

Everyday Musings

Where It Is At

From what I can tell, I’ll be lucky to score above 50% on the quantitative reasoning of the GRE, and probably can score about 75% on the verbal sections. 465 more words


Pearl Tries to Undermine Sophie

Well, the little monster still tries to sleep in my bed no matter what I do. Just look at her. Have you ever seen anything so hideous? 59 more words

The Bold Færeld


fareld, færelt, es; n.  .I. a way, going, motion, journey, course, passage, progress, expedition, company, one who accompanies in the journey of life

My sweet Færeld, Even now, her scent lingers… 233 more words


On officially being closer to 30 than I am to 20 and other fun things brought to you from Saraville

On the day of that marked the 26 anniversary of my birth, I sat in my leopard hoodie footie and spent the day listening to the rain, reading, making pizza, eating cupcakes, and feeling no closer to being an adult that I did on the day I turned 18.   1,467 more words



We get it. Your parents wanted you to be different, Bodhi. They wanted you to stand out, Anouk. They might not have forecasted all of the awkward elements of your name, Keyon. 156 more words



Clicking manual keys one at a time,

thoughts slow down, words appear more solidly.

The reward of a chime at the end of a line. 15 more words