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Wow, I Do Appear that Young

On parent-child interactions, translated…

There was a student in my class, nicknamed, “Old Pip”, I’d had a parent-teacher conference with his mom, and felt that “Old Pip” looks exactly like his mom.   401 more words


Have a Cup of Coffee!


Since I was younger, I never quite liked bitter tasting foods, but, don’t know when it started happening, I’d gotten, intrigued with coffees.  Could it be because of its aroma, or, the bitter tasting texture?  279 more words


Mercy, a Short Prose


The shadow stood up, got him back up on his feet, he’d cried and fell to the floor on purpose.  He’d tilted his face, to look at the shadow secretively, turns out, that the shadow was so thin, just like a thought.   49 more words


A Short Rest, a Short Prose


In the mornings, I’d allowed myself to have a break, and I’d never seen time run so fast, headed, straight, into the setting sun. 32 more words


What Can I Do, When My Child Speaks What's on His Mind All the Time

So, being a STRAIGHT-SHOOTER is problematic, huh???  An advice column for the parents, translated…

“Wow, your calves are so muscular, you’re so chubby and you DARED wear mini-skirt to school, it’s so funny!  704 more words


Turn Up Side Down

This could possibly be one of my random posts ever, if not in a long while at least.

I just finished cutting my nails, and I have to cut them fairly often because otherwise I would scratch my partners when I catch them for acro. 260 more words