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when at first you don't succeed . . .

I was rudely awakened in the early hours of yesterday morning by an earthquake.  The epicentre was some way off but here on the sand and with a house built on a concrete slab, it was noticeable.  222 more words


Leveraging Past Issues of Toastmasters Magazine to help market your Toastmasters Club

Did you know you can use all those past issues of TM magazine that you keep and can’t bear to throw out, but may probably never reread, to help advertise your club? 217 more words


EUMETSAT Conference 2014: Challenges and advances in satellite measurement

Atmospheric measurement is an extraordinarily difficult problem. It’s a fluid capable of remarkable feats of contortion, and it contains a number of important constituents, including one – water – which flits easily between solid, liquid and gaseous forms. 749 more words

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Love from afar

I love to walk behind her,
tanned legs moving with each soft step
across the school’s linoleum tile,
hips swaying like the rhythmic lull
of the ocean; back and forth, 236 more words

The Zero Frequency Problem (Part I)

In many occasions, we have to estimate a probability distribution from observations because we do not know the probability and we do not have enough a priori knowledge to infer it. 652 more words


Riding the Wave of Impermanence

Summer has come and gone once again. My mind travels back to my Wisconsin childhood and fond recollections of this bittersweet time of year — the air shifting to crisp and cool, leaves turning color and texture, our steps crunching and crackling as we walked home from school, the earth emanating pungent smells of transformation, sunsets arriving ever more quickly each day. 1,379 more words


Bless the Lord

Matt Redman’s song “10,000 Reasons” says “Bless the Lord, O my soul…”  That made me wonder:  How could I possibly bless the Lord?  We’re talking about the creator of the universe – the one who… 270 more words