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On time and its speeds : Treacle time

Time’s a funny thing. It’s the fourth dimension, that which keeps us aware of our surroundings and yet that which distracts us most, especially¬† when the minutes seem to go at a different speed than they’re supposed to. 583 more words


Old habits die hard, especially bad old habits. I intended to write more regularly, I swear. However, last few months been full of all kinds of interesting changes. 1,399 more words


I'll see you when I see you

First of all, apologies for neglecting this blog a little bit – sometimes there’s really too much going on, and it has been the case with me for the past few months. 206 more words

Words And Expressions

In my eyes

What my perfect morning is like?
Sleeping til at least 10 o’clock, eating a good breakfast ( cooked and served not by me) and then going to the beach. 237 more words

The Last Flight of a Sparrow

Sometimes what looks like freedom is not.

Below you will find a photograph I took many years ago. It is a sparrow who had the misfortune of getting caught in the mesh of a chain link fence – there to die. 327 more words

Malibu is for Lovers and Skinning Deer.

“In Missouri, we hunt deer and after you shoot them you drill holes in their hooves and hang their bodies by trees-” I interrupted Chance, my co-worker, a tall, tan, surfer with broad shoulders and long sandy blonde hair. 1,762 more words

Wake Up Sunshine

Here we are. Two days from August. And you know what that means? The summertime TV season is in full swing!

Reruns, replacement series, and reality shows clog our airwaves. 826 more words