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The girl sitting next to me is reading a book called “I Love Dick”

Further research on the matter (thank you amazon.com) concludes it is not a picture book as I had hoped, but an actual book full of literature. 12 more words


A Dog Named Keiko

On July 31, 2005, my wife and I adopted a dog. It was not an easy decision. We had two cats at the time, and adding a dog to the mix was certain to cause some domestic unrest. 776 more words

My Life

Boobs and Belts: My journey as a female wrestling fan.

I love wrestling.

I never usually felt the need to explain why to anyone or have to defend myself. I just love it. Over the last day or so, I’ve been feeling like people are dismissing me as someone who possesses real knowledge of wrestling because I’m a female. 446 more words


Boston Calling

My family and I just returned from a weekend in Boston.

Life With Kids

How Adults’ Ways of Coping with Disappointments Affect the Child…


From the mind of Murray, B., clinical psychologist…

“If the adults can pull through their disappointments, then, the kids will feel that sense of security”. 162 more words


It's Good to Be Top Dog

Today I learned that there is something to being the first and oldest. I may be older but I have more stamina. Here is Pearl, all tuckered out from a day of me chasing her around. 106 more words


To Avoid Starvation, and to Procreate

Being of an inherently inquisitive nature and surrounded, as I am, by every imaginable philosophical position — an atheist father, a recovering Catholic mother with Taoist leanings, Evangelical in-laws, Jewish and agnostic and pagan friends, yogis and rednecks — I spend a fair amount of time trying to figure things out. 665 more words