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Mid-Coast Maine and Rock City Cafe

Paul and Jeanne’s house has become wedding central, with only the wedding party staying there, so I’ve moved to the hotel in town where the rest of the wedding guests are staying. 72 more words



Certainty is what stands out for me on sober Saturdays.

I am certain that I’m not going to wake up tomorrow feeling like death. I’m certain I’ll have a good night’s sleep, that I won’t wake up thirsty, with a pounding head and aching muscles. 46 more words


phew... it's not just me .....

eyebrows are a worry everywhere …see what the fashion pundits are saying

you heard it here first

(I always knew I was a trendsetter… I’m 50 Something but not dead yet)

Mytwosentences 52

This morning I witnessed two unvarnished white moths playfully fluttering about on an exhaustively unmappable flight path.
The flirtatious flower they were surely not courting majestically displayed it’s vibrantly colorful landing corolla nonetheless.

Written by Edward Roads



What does it mean?
No rules, no laws,
Come and go as you please?

You do life your way
I’m going to do it mine. 204 more words



Our lives are not our own
Our cards are marked from womb to tomb
Jealousy is the art of counting
Someone else’s blessings and not your own… 60 more words


Misandrical Musings

Earlier this week my mom had a conversation with my wife about me, and my mom shared something to the effect that she thought I was trying to be a woman because I wanted my father’s attention as he wanted to have girls instead of boys. 1,823 more words