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The slippery slope

Sometimes I hear Nana saying that someone’s on the slippery slope, and it always sounded like a very bad thing.

Nope it’s actually pretty good fun!


Poem—Articulated Words

Apostrophes menacingly
blow in between
words, like a
possessive bird
jealously descends into
preventative madness.
Placing herself between
perceived harm and the
love of her nest. 105 more words


The Heart of the Springtime in the Summers

I had an unexpected crush in the summer session of my seventeenth year, and, even now, as I’d passed the forty-year-old marker, I still can’t forget about how my heart fluttered that summer when I was seventeen. 183 more words


A Happy Thought


Back when I was a kid, I’d seen Peter Pan a couple of times, and I was a firm believer of how Peter’s happy thoughts made him fly; and I believed, that because I never had a truly, happy thought, that, was why I couldn’t fly at all, until the birth of my own son. 84 more words



When my father was hospitalized for a heart condition back in 2009, none of us knew, that this, would be the very LAST time he got hospitalized.   315 more words


Dung Beetle

A poem, written by Natalia Toledo, translated…


They’d shaped up the dung

Round like the full moon

They’d carried it over their heads

Like vendors who sold foods on the streets… 361 more words


Little Feet Behind Will Follow

Everywhere I go my children are right behind me. (Dog included). If I go to the kitchen to put something away I must watch my step when backing up or turning around because if I don’t I’m sure to step on little fingers or toes. 380 more words