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Donating Your Spare Clothes, to Help the Handicapped Community to Start Their Own Business

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The founder of the very FIRST not-for-profit online store in China “Shan-Tao Net”, Xien Chou, turned all the ladies’ no-longer-in-use clothes from their closets, and turned the clothes into a business opportunity for the handicapped.   487 more words


"Admirable Character Quality" Observation #1

I noticed a quality in my older brother a few weeks ago that I really admire. We were visiting Northpark Mall in Dallas, TX on a Saturday, and in a place full of busy people, each with their own story, there’s a lot to take in. 292 more words


Relatable Post #210

And this is not a good thing most of the time.


What if Shaggy is just trippin' balls

We all know that Scooby Doo is full of pot innuendoes… watching it back on Boomerang lately has proven that to be true… BUT what if none of it is real??? 65 more words


Spare Change

All these silly games and stuff Wedwand sees on the internet.

Take the “What’s my flower child name” quiz.
Try the “Who were you in a past life” quiz. 543 more words


Meet Ugly....

I self-depreciate a lot. It is my way of coping, I guess. Part of this stems from when I was younger. No, I don’t mean under ten, I mean in my teens. 585 more words

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