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Sometimes there is news published that when read makes one believe justice still resides in this world. There was, the past tense is correct, a self-hating white person of such loathing, that he did write for the Southern Poverty Law Center disparaging any white group of a conservative flavor calling them racists and bigots. 126 more words


Polar bear biologists miss the mark in new study on invasive mark-recapture effects

Apparently, some biologists think that outputs from complex computer models will convince native Arctic residents that invasive mark-recapture work has no long-term effect on the health and well-being of polar bears. 1,333 more words

Polar Bear

How ideal are our Anganwadis?

The Anganwadis were started by the Indian government in 1975 as part of the Integrated Child Development Services program to combat child hunger and malnutrition. A typical Anganwadi centre also provides basic health care. 823 more words


The Theatre of Tenerife South

The buildings stand painted in motley – fair, auburn and white – as the curtain in rises on the Tenerife playset. Large hard-black railings protect them from ‘undesirable’ as the balconies exude pretention towards an apathetic cobalt ocean. 267 more words



The dark days of December descend again.

The nights are longer than the days and the days are shorter than the nights.

This continual waning of the daylight will continue right up until the Winter Solstice which this year happens on December 21, 2014. 403 more words


A Special Child

A child with special needs, translated…

In my teaching art for two decades, I’d met a lot of children with special needs, to teach these children, I’d needed even more patience and compassion. 510 more words


The Calm Manners Had Helped Saved His Life, and I Became Accepted by My Girlfriend’s Family

How he ended up giving you his daughter’s hand, translated…

The year was 1989, just two days before New Year’s Eve, I’d gone to Kohu, Yunlin, to visit with my girlfriend.   400 more words