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I was listening to an audio lecture by Alan Watts on the train today as I do and something of a challenge (in the gentlest meaning of the word) formed for me. 442 more words

My Mind

O ... is for Observation

 is for observation. If you think back to ‘I’, I wrote about imagery, and there is a strong connection to observation. 455 more words


Flexing the Creativity: Postcards from an Outsider

Hello, it is I again.  I couldn’t log off tonight without sharing a little exercise produced from a Creative Writing class I attend.  This was created in February, so would have been more emotive if I got my arse in gear and published it around Valentine’s Day…but never mind, better late than never. 544 more words

Creative Writing

Moon Near Saturn

Wednesday evening, 16 April, the waning gibbous Moon rises about 1 degree from Saturn, at least as viewed from my location in Missouri. For some parts of the viewing world this will be an occultation, where the Moon passes between Saturn and your view from Earth. 121 more words

Earth And Space


the world passes by
the bronze tortoise takes notice
but says not a thing


What You Need to Know This Spring

I have been reading this post about the upcoming Grand Cardinal Cross. Now, I am no astrologer, but when something resonates as truth, it’s truth. So read this article. 380 more words


I am writing out loud as I consider the first of four William James’s criteria for a mystical state. Interacting with the criteria as I hear them. 156 more words