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Observing is OFF Saturday 26 July 2014

Unsettle weather means observing is OFF tonight Saturday 26 July. Thanks Tim


Late night musings

Living in the Middle East has had some interesting side effects. For one, I now love instant coffee. Something I was way too snooty for back home. 311 more words



Hi, I will introduce myself here in my first post. My name is Jessica Lawther, I like Jess. I am 19 years old and my birthday is June 25, 1995. 181 more words


when it's me

‎”Why are you going so fast” she said, spitting the words out in such a tone that meant even I, a stranger passing her on the street, knew she wasn’t happy. 630 more words

Polka Dot Ponderings

Men On The Moon

By Bill Burneat


Let’s look at the Moon. If we start at the beginning, when the moon is first seen in the western sky at sundown, the so-called new moon, we see a dark spot nestled against the round edge of the moon. 660 more words

Meteors in the Moonlight

By Ken Hewitt-white

August is meteor month, the time of year when watching for “shooting stars” becomes a truly stimulating recreational activity – especially for folks on vacation. 368 more words

Daily logging

I am now logging what I feel/do everyday so I can look back and analyze patterns of myself.. yeah I’m weird lol