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Sun Not In TaurusToday

According to the pseudoscience of astrology the Sun enters the constellation of Taurus the Bull today, 19 April at 11 pm CDT (20 April 4 UT). 111 more words

Earth And Space

Observing Saturday 19 April 2014 is ON

As we have missed so many observing sessions recently I have decided to open up at North Turramurra Golf Course for an unscheduled observing session tonight Saturday 19 April. 40 more words


Alphabetical Emotions: Pleasure

Another positive emotion is pleasure which could be defined as being happily satisfied or having happy enjoyment. The things that give me the most pleasure are the unexpected events – flowers from my husband for no particular reason, 192 more words


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Irene, many years ago I ran, now I walk. Over time and on certain times, both offer highlighted pleasure. Regardless, I think our thoughts to extend to moving corners of our mouth. Great post!

The start without an end: The introduction.

I can’t say I’ve never tried this medium. The whole… blogging thing. When younger, my first feeble attempts were limited solely to the likes of LiveJournal. 302 more words



I was listening to an audio lecture by Alan Watts on the train today as I do and something of a challenge (in the gentlest meaning of the word) formed for me. 442 more words

My Mind

O ... is for Observation

 is for observation. If you think back to ‘I’, I wrote about imagery, and there is a strong connection to observation. 455 more words


Flexing the Creativity: Postcards from an Outsider

Hello, it is I again.  I couldn’t log off tonight without sharing a little exercise produced from a Creative Writing class I attend.  This was created in February, so would have been more emotive if I got my arse in gear and published it around Valentine’s Day…but never mind, better late than never. 544 more words

Creative Writing