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Kingdom Obervations

In a changing sky of possibilities, I see single stars – some bright, some dim – patterns, constellations, and quite a bit of veritable randomness. 678 more words

Art and the Conscious Mind

What is it to be human? – We are creative, we transform materials, cave painting, clay pots, humans have always made art.

Humans are the only beings who have conscious minds, cats and dogs may feel similar feelings like us however we as humans have a sense of awareness. 2,489 more words

Year 2

A Kayak Outing: Fall on the River

I recently shared a “story” about the Star Dancer without explaining where I got the inspiration for it.  Those who know me and my predilection for taking kayak trips on the Fraser River would need no introduction.  705 more words

More on Dreaming and energy

I’ve learned that dreams can give us that which our passion seeks but our “reality” will not allow.  I know this applies to passions that seek to move us beyond this treadmill.  555 more words


More on Time - a short essay

      Affirmative statements we repeat to ourselves in order to “anchor” certain knowledge within our mind are called “mantras”.  They are not prayers for they beg or plead for nothing from anyone.  720 more words

Moon at Descending Node

Sunday January 25th at 10:23 UT (0:23 am CST) our Moon will be crossing the plane of the ecliptic moving south. This is known as the… 113 more words