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Reading the Book of Life

Don’t depend on anyone for the understanding of life, for the understanding of that book. To read that book, there is nobody between you and the book, no philosopher, no priest, no guru, no god, nothing.

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My Feelings in Pictures

What is it about a magical moment that you can capture? Does it matter if no one else sees it too? Why did it speak to you? 170 more words


Observing is ON Tonight Sat 20 Dec

Observing at North Turramurra Golf Club is On tonight, Sat 20 Dec.  The gates will be open at about 7:30pm.


Space: Get More Involved

Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s new cinematic marvel, met enormous success because space exploration appeals to pioneering spirits who dare to dream. Space allows us to imagine new worlds. 698 more words


Time's Criminal

This old lady really caught my attention. She walked along the railroad with a flower bouquet smiling and waving at people. She had silver hair that glinted in the sunlight and her smallness was product of her curved back, which looked as if she faced the ocean’s horizon.   110 more words



On the bus watching the lives
Sharing a schedule
The cycle of everyday people.

Out the window pastel houses blur
Wet grey sky
White ocean. 139 more words


The Cut of your Jib

From the urban dictionary: 

a far classier version of “i like your style”, originally used by pirates in the 17th century the expression refers to the forward sail on most ships. 243 more words