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The Gift of Hill Sprints

Sounds fun doesn’t it? If you’re like me, a lover of fitness, you actually do look forward to doing hill sprints. Especially when they are after an hour of CrossFit with your best girlfriends. 246 more words


All About Us!

Hi there, Reader! Our names are Therese (pronounced tur-ez), Ramona, and Elisabeth.

We’re three girls obsessed with musicals, movies, books, boy-bands, YouTube, and the 1980′s. We created this page to share our obsessions and keep you occupied! 220 more words


To Create is To Be

I was recently introduced to a really cool website called to.be. Basically, it allows you to make online collages with various media files. That’s a lot of creative freedom. 113 more words


Dear Game of Thrones fans,

(I’m talking specifically to the fans who have read the books)

Dear game of thrones fans,

You all think you’re so funny! Posting spoilers on social media, messing with people’s emotions! 265 more words

getting hairy.

i have this theory.  the length of my hair directly correlates to how secure/insecure i’m feeling in my life.  when i’m solid, it’s short.  when i’m flailing, it’s long(ish).  141 more words

Rhinestones Of Wisdom

The problem with the Technological Era: A sob story of a broken laptop, and its obsessed owner.

This is my public apology. An unintended public apology, but I feel I need to explain myself to you, you hypothetical, perhaps non-existent reader! I set up this blog because I was inspired to write more often and therefore be able to gain feedback and improve upon my writing skills. 692 more words

Day 6: Fitspo

Day 1 Apr. 10

Day 2  Apr. 11

Day 3 Apr. 12

Day 4 Apr. 13

Day 5 Apr. 14

Day 6 Apr. 15

There’s never really been a moment in my life when I meticulously counted calories or when I would compare my physique to other girls’. 271 more words