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Latest Obsession: Pizza Phone Cases

So I got a new phone about two weeks ago and I have dropped it so many times it’s not funny but I haven’t gotten a new phone case yet! 29 more words


Peep me this...

Happy Easter!? As I write this short and sweet blog, I am currently od’ing on candy; which begs the question, what exactly is it about Easter that makes sugary confections the ultimate accessory? 211 more words


Obsessed: Céline Gusset Cabas Tote

Although I’ve seen this bag countless times in the past, it was only up until yesterday when I watched Mel Soldera’s Cabas Review/Reveal video on YouTube that reminded me of how versatile and simple these bags from Céline really are. 132 more words


Compulsions or Struggles

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Have you ever noticed how relaxing it is to click your pen while you are getting bored during a lecture or how you suddenly start wringing your fingers or cracking your knuckles, under the table, without even realizing when you go in for a job interview or a viva exam? 642 more words

OCD or Tourette Syndrome?

Some of my OCD compulsions have confused me for years.  Usually, people with OCD have an obsessional fear that causes them to do a compulsion to alleviate the anxiety they are experiencing because of the fear.   470 more words

Passions fuel the soul!

I mentioned in my last post that Autism Speaks loves mouse-model studies. Another focus of its research is in trying to discover what causes the “restricted” interests that autistic people “suffer” from. 246 more words

Autism Speaks