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Monday's Fancy: Cigar Boxes

When I thinking about resurrecting this blog, I had all these things I wanted to write about and now that it’s alive and kicking, I can hardly remember any of them. 243 more words

I could buy a million...


7 Weeks of Weird:- Week 4 - Weird routines

So, this weeks (well last weeks, but I’m late) week of weird from Mental Mama is:-

What is the weirdest habit/routine you have?

Well, I kind of have a lot of weird routines, and it’s kind of apt that this question is being asked now because it’s one of the things I am currently working on being less crazy about. 871 more words

Mental Health

Food Find: Steam, Westport & Greens Farms train stations

Let’s be honest, commuting from Westport via Metro North is no walk in the park. ¬†Commuters need something to ease the pain. ¬†Lucky for us we have… 282 more words


Who knew lights could be so catchy?

Over the past six weeks, I’ve had two songs (the second, in particular) stuck in my head the whole time. Here, coupled with cringe-worthy puns, they are: 145 more words

Weekly Obsessions

Song de Sunday...


Now if you are unfamiliar with this term, it basically means an especially fine and appealing woman. If you have never heard the song, by Andre 3000, then you should smack yourself and start to live. 893 more words


Obsessive's Starter Pack: Tea!

What in your starter pack are you digging into first?

OST #1: Basics
Click to explore what tea is and where it comes from. Is it super popular? 138 more words