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My Holiday Obsession

I admit I have dealt with my share of personal addictions throughout my adult life, principally smoking, a struggle that went on for 40 plus years. 514 more words

The Fear of Having a Monster Within

The fear of being unfaithful to your partner, of sexually abusing someone, having inappropriate relations with a minor, being homosexual, these are all forms of sexual obsessions. 368 more words


Happy Birthday to Frank Zappa!

I wish my darling Zappa the loveliest 74th birthday. He has brought much relief and joy to my life. His attitude may have been rather cynical but it was for a good cause. 513 more words


The blog begins......

After much deliberation, I’m starting my official blog for 2015. As well as tapping into other peoples hobbies, obsessions, pastimes, or whatever you like to call them, and sharing mine with all of you, I am also interested in the stories behind the films you love. 44 more words


The PC Cult

As seen through the sharp lenses of celebrated Russian writer Victor Pelevin:

“I think political correctness is justified when it allows you to preserve human dignity. 156 more words


I'm not Gay....( I think)

It’s a common obsession for OCD sufferers to have anxiety over sexual orientation. I’ve had it. From sixth grade up to high school, I had anxiety over whether I was gay or not. 333 more words


Quitting my addictions

I know I can do it. I could literally quit anything if I really wanted to. No matter how hard, I’ve shown myself over and over that I am able to let go. 504 more words