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The Democrat Depression, Part Deux

Wonder why we’re enduring a now 6-year jobless recovery and very likely even worse to come? Part of it, according to a new international tally, is because we are close to the worst among industrialized nations in our tax burden on business:  111 more words


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I have FOUR minutes to post this… otherwise this is going to be a super belated #musicmondays post. Which it will probably be. (Totally called it – finished writing this at 1:12 AM.) 374 more words


Are video games a sport?

At least one, League of Legends, is. And varsity, at that. At least at one private university, Robert Morris, in Chicago. Why, they’re even offering scholarships. 48 more words

Rancho Roly Poly

Obsession of the Week

This week my obsession consists of fringe…And lots of it!

I don’t think there is such a thing as too much fringe…But if there were, I would dial it back and substitute it for a killer hat, bag, and moccasin.   8 more words



15th September, 2014. 11:53am


The new Mockingjay trailer is a thousand times AWESOME!

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up from the floor. 120 more words


Song de Sunday...

As I ground myself and prepare, both mentally and spiritually, for this upcoming week, I bring you my inspirational song…

Fancy, by Iggy Azalea

Not only do I identify with being “fancy,” but I completely appreciate this white chick taking over the Hip-Hop industry by storm; where it is difficult for ANY female to successfully produce recognized hits… and the list of successful female rap artists is sadly, quite short. 556 more words


So what other obsessions do I have apart from baby making...

That makes me sound like a sex addict. That wasn’t the angle I was going for. Sorry everyone!

Before I was pregnant these are the things I cared about… 1,089 more words