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its a strange calmness i feel around him. i used to get worked up by wonder over whether someone was interested. first touches would send chills through my body and set my brain a fire with delight. 121 more words

Just Feelings

The Only Thing That Can Stop Bad OCD is Good OCD (with Nail Polish)

I don’t bite my nails on Metro, because Metro is full of dirty things that make me not put my hands near my mouth until they’ve been washed. 378 more words

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Please clean up after yourself.

I had a false start with a piece for I, Defined. It’s something I want to do; just not right now.

Over the winter, I radically changed my work space. 95 more words

Works In Progress

A Mix of the Good and Bad

Short news: we think we have found my cocktail for stability. Now we are just tweaking the dosages to try perfecting it. Which is just in time since for whatever reason I am now being scheduled shifts ( 359 more words

Personal Vents

Guest Post: Report from the International OCD Conference

By Alison Dotson, author of Being Me with OCD

Two weeks ago, July 17–20, I fulfilled a dream I’ve had for several years now: I attended the… 816 more words

FSP Author

Part Whatev: In Which the Hypochondriac Considers Ebola

As a kid, I read anything placed in front of me. (Still do.) In eighth grade, my science teacher gave me The Hot Zone when she saw me with Michael Crichton’s… 579 more words

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

A Balanced Approach

For the obsessed introvert (OI) in the work place, talking to a customer can be messy. When a customer has a question OIs immediately want to please them for three reasons – two from obsessiveness and one from introversion. 466 more words