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Anxious Obsessive Land

Obsessive looping thoughts going round and round my head.I’ve been trying to start this post for days and I can’t get to the beginning of this loop, it goes by too quickly. 983 more words


Annual Report

A few weeks ago, we took Kaitlyn for the second part of her annual evaluation with the psychologist.  This was the one-on-one session where he basically interviews her and gets a good idea of how she has progressed or changed since our last visit.  312 more words

ABC's of OCD

This is completely spontaneous, but I hope you like! Thought I’d add in a quote for each letter for some motivation. : )

A – Anxiety… 501 more words


Pinch Me One More Time. I Dare You.

Our power went out if you don’t follow my Twitter. And of course we had lit candles all throughout the house. Tapers, scented, glass, tea lights, you name it – we have it. 376 more words

Personal Vents

OCD: Reassurance Seeker

A very common symptom for a lot of people with OCD is the need to seek reassurance. If you’ve read previous posts about my experiences with OCD I mention how this is a massive part to my OCD. 1,203 more words


Perfect OCD

OCD Obsessive compulsive disorder.

O O O C D D C D O C D 


“You’re never going to be perfect darling.” What? How can you say something isn’t perfect? 254 more words

Mental Health Roller Coaster Rides

The problem with being diagnosed with the mental illnesses that I have is that my life is a constant jumble of cycles and emotions and thoughts and there’s so many ways to handle each of those diagnoses but if two or more of those diagnoses are in full blown mode (and people diagnosed with two or more illnesses know exactly what I’m talking about) those ways of helping deal with one might aggravate another.   937 more words