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Review of Mechanix Wear M-Pact(R) Covert Gloves

Picked up these back boys back at the start of January from Obstacle Kit.  My usual gloves I use for obstacle racing had been torn at MSB the previous week, so needed something for Ram Run that would give me grip, warmth and protection.  259 more words


The difference between Dreamers and Dream-Chasers

Dream is important to any single of us,they are compass,an enginee of us,to push energy for us to keep chasing.He is our greed,a desire to make a difference.First,we will skip those who do give up their dreams.Assume that we all have dreams,so you are dreamer or dream-chaser. 151 more words



What are you deeply devoted to completing today? On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being completely committed, where are you? If you aren’t at 10 what will it take to get to 10? 361 more words

The Nature of an Obstacle - part one - Grief

What do you do when an obstacle gets in your way? Not a physical obstacle blocking your path, because you could always find a way around it, or go over it, if you could physically touch it. 893 more words

Life's Lessons

Lesson 18 - Life really can be simple

I’ve been reading a lot of books recently and I have to admit the best one so far has been ‘The obstacle is the way’ by Ryan Holiday. 185 more words


How I Overcame an Insecurity I Didn't Know I Had.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you were fine, you were great and then an event, activity or something happens that reveals a fear, insecurity or other that you didn’t even know you had?   862 more words



There are times when you can see that Allah is testing you. One of those times is when you’ve just taken the step towards doing something good, or towards a choice that is right. 82 more words