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Man cited after refusing to leave scene of blaze sparked by fireworks

SANTAQUIN, Utah — Fourth of July fireworks sparked more than a dazzling light show in Santaquin.

Tempers flared and handcuffs came out in one neighborhood. Now, a Santaquin man has taken to social media, outraged police handcuffed him while he was trying to put out a grass fire burning near his home. 477 more words


Barry Bonds' Felony Conviction To Be Reconsidered By Federal Appeals Court

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF)— A federal appeals court says it will reconsider Barry Bonds’ felony conviction for obstruction of justice.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday that a special panel of 11 judges will review a 2011 jury verdict finding Major League Baseball’s all-time homerun leader guilty of giving evasive testimony to a grand jury during an investigation into allegations of steroid sales to professional athletes. 171 more words


The use of government to silence critics is an extremely dangerous abuse of power. Was the IRS acting as an instrument of the Obama reelection campaign when it targeted conservative organizations? 231 more words


At this point we might as well divulge our suspicion that the Internal Revenue Service’s illegal harassment of the president’s political foes was ordered by the president himself. 676 more words


IRS Commits Felony...Destroys Lerner's Hard Drive

Name me one person who doesn’t fear an IRS audit, and I’ll show you a person who’s an out and out liar. Of course, we fear the full weight of the federal government come crashing down to confiscate everything you own and everything you’ve spent your life working for. 583 more words