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Don't Mention the 'O' Word

I felt sorry for Steve Clark and Andrew Dunemann on Sunday afternoon. I really did. With more than 50,000 fans in attendance for what was proving to be a cracking match, the last thing we needed was a crucial obstruction call in the last ten minutes. 707 more words


Today I felt like doing a special blog entry to talk about the ridiculous obstruction rule that is proving controversial in the NRL. So lets start with the basics. 358 more words

Freedom of Speech

Recently the new CEO of Mozilla was forced to resign. He had been on the job for about 20 minutes, or so it seems. The reason his departure is important is not that Mozilla now has to find a new CEO, it is that his departure makes a number of statements about who we are and where we are as a society. 1,067 more words

Politics is getting in the way of progress

Our political parties are so intent on blocking each others’ agendas that nothing gets done.  Political gridlock is the result.  The book “Political Gridlock It’s Time for a Reboot” diagnoses the factors that contribute to gridlock and presents strategies to get our government working again.

Solving Health Care

It’s bad. It’s really bad. We were finally affected by Obamacare as the company policy was cancelled because it apparently didn’t include all of the ‘goodies’ that are required now, like pediatric care for people in their 60′s, contraceptives for gay people, that sort of thing. 1,017 more words

I is for Impediment

im·ped·i·ment (ĭm-pĕd′ə-mənt)

1. Something that impedes; a hindrance or obstruction. See Synonyms at obstacle.
2. An organic defect preventing clear articulation: a speech impediment. 1,009 more words