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Field Hockey Rules. Twenty-five years of the Obstruction Rule - the extremes of interpretation.

Rules of Hockey. Obstruction.  Application  pre -1990  to  2014    The extremes.

Some of the Rules of Hockey concerning conduct of play, particularly those that require a subjective judgement to be made, tend, usually for the sake of consistency, to be applied at the extremes of possible interpretation, sometimes to the extent that the explanation of application provided with the Rule is ignored or conversely, the Rule is ignored and application is based on (selected parts) of the explanation of application. 3,638 more words

Rules Of Hockey

Review of Obstruction by Peyton Sloane

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When Julian St. Sauveur, described in Architectural Digest as the “Rock Star of the Architectural World” was seated beside the bohemian woman on his flight to Paris, he never would have conceived how events would unfold…how this young widow would capture his mind, heart and soul so quickly and completely. 480 more words


#UPEI, "University of PEI" Obstructed Police Investigation to Prevent "UPEI Education" Professor Being Charged: "PEI Premier Robert Ghiz", #UPEI Involved in Cover-up

Obstruction of a police investigation is a criminal offense :
When the threats, made on a female victim ,continued to be followed through; the victim went to the police and made a complaint. 1,482 more words

#UPEI, "University of PEI" Officials and Profs Obstruct a Police Investigation: "PEI Premier Ghiz", "PEI Government" and "Murray Murphy" Cover-up Obstruction

Obstruction is a criminal offense :
When the threats made on a female victim ,continued to be followed through, the victim went to the police and made a complaint. 935 more words

Best President EVER!!!

In a recent visit to Austin Texas to speak on the economy, President Obama lays it down with real talk.

You would think folks would’ve figured it out by now. 13 more words

In the Way of All Flesh

Some years ago there was a young woman I worked with, or at least worked in the same building as, who had a tendency to stay put when I asked, very politely, to get past her. 625 more words