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Project 8 - More Reduction Linocut

My tutor had suggested that he would have liked to see repeat printing with my ‘Paisley’ block and I thought I could with advantage also reduce it. 497 more words

Printmaking 1

Regional growth and aggregate policy

One issue I want to get my head around is the interplay of regional economic growth and aggregate (one-size-fits-all) monetary policy. Scott Sumner provides an interesting metaphor… 90 more words

Monetary Policy

UA1-WA:P4-p2-Research Point: Artists' self-portraits

This Research Point poses a number of questions about artists’ self-portraits.

1. Why might an artist choose to paint (or sculpt) a self-portrait?

My initial assumption here was cost and availability. 1,469 more words

Western Art

Claudio, l'oca che trova il coraggio.

La vera storia di un’ oca di Clissold Park che trova il coraggio di fare le cose da sola.

Si é vero. Dopo tanti anni passati a Clissold Park riusciva finalmente ad ammetterlo a se stesso. 1,149 more words


Exercise 9: Outdoors at Night

In this exercise I am looking at photographing at night in a city location so took to the streets of Southampton just before dusk awaiting the night to photograph the city. 279 more words


Exercise 14: Shiny Surfaces

In this final exercise of the Light section I am to look at shiny surfaces and how photographing them can cause a problem with unwanted reflections. 346 more words


Exercise 13: Concentrating Light

For this next exercise I am to look more at how we can control the light to produce a specific effect on a subject. In this case I am concentrating the light onto a subject, this could be just an element of the a larger image or concentrating the light around a smaller object to produce a vignette appearance around the frame as I will show below. 383 more words