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T1-E1:P1-p1-s1 Research - Aztec textiles

There may be a few fragments of actual Aztec textiles, but very few. Climate, soil and customs (for example burning of cloth in funerary rituals) have contributed to that. 1,240 more words


My introduction to semiotics

I must admit I heard the word “semiotics” before, however I never really knew what it means. Some hazy memories from school tell me it got something to do with “symbol” or “symbolism”. 499 more words

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The word ‘juxtaposition’ is one that is bandied around frequently in artistic circles; photography, film and painting among them. I have always taken it to mean conflicting or contrasting articles within the same scene to provoke the viewer, overtly or covertly in to asking questions or making connections about the image in question. 307 more words


Project 5 A larger sample & review of project 5

For this piece I returned to the geometric shapes I had used in the previous stages of this project. I felt I had yet to produce a design with these shapes that I was happy with, but I thought I could do so if I tried again. 634 more words


Exercise 2.5

Find a subject in front of a background with depth. Take a close viewpoint and zoom in (…) focus on a subject (…) without changing the focal length, set the focus to infinity and take a second shot. 306 more words

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Exercise 2.1 Focal length

Find a scene that has depth. From a fixed position, take a sequence of five or six shots at different focal lengths without changing your viewpoint. 304 more words

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