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Christmas in the City

The last collage for Exercise 2.4, this idea came to me after a weekend of Christmas preparation. My husband and I had started with buying our tree, and carrying it home through the city with our son. 151 more words


Project 3 - review

Were you able to mix and match colours accurately?

I feel more at ease mixing colours than matching them. Although the matching exercises were good fun, it really helped having a guide to begin.   189 more words


Combining textures and colour effects.

A first work – stitched on de-solvable fabric. Using only primary colours overlaid with black and edged with white.

Building up the stitches onto what looks like a piece of plastic takes a large amount of thread. 77 more words


- WIP - chest armor -

Okay, so the texturing is kinda done, all thats left is to make 98358943 color versions.

Also this was something i played around with in my head and someone in the comments asked if im going to make straps for the backpack so that it would be able to be used by itself, at first i replied that no because that would require me to make a separate version of the backpack and create a new texture and stuff. 39 more words



Because spirals have been fundamental in most of my research and ideas, i decided to explore spirals in more depth and discovered the Fibonacci spiral. 148 more words

Open College Of The Arts

Project 1.1: The Instrument Diary

17 – 19 December 2014

Project 1: Exercise 1.1

Set the camera to automatic. Take 3 or 4 exposures  of the same scene without changing anything on the camera or the framing. 373 more words


Coloured Stitches

Still practising with the freestyle embroidery, will continue to do so!
Colour theory in stitches.

The red background highlights the yellow threads, almost suggesting a neon colour. 21 more words