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Enrollment done!

After a lot of thinking about the pro and contra of studying photography , I enrolled a few days ago at The Open College of the Arts. 65 more words

First Post

Hard or soft landscape

I picked myself up and dusted off the knees from the last painting disaster lesson and embarked upon a soft landscape.  The week before in a bid not to paint my final view from the window or doorway I took my sketchbook out and drew some of our local views.  280 more words


View from a window or doorway

I have not been as artistically active as I would have likes recently.  This has been for many reasons but mainly because I knew what my next painting was going to look like.  725 more words


Understanding Visual Culture- Exercise 21- Images of Women

This exercise was split into 2 parts.

The first task was to construct a visual essay using only newspapers and magazines as our source. The first essay had to show the visualisation of women today and the second showing the opposing view. 51 more words


Exercise: Points of View


Exercise: Points of View

Points for consideration:

  • Zoom in or expand the view
  • Forms of the landscape
  • Map out main areas
  • Relationships between features…
  • 1,097 more words
Learning Log

Basic Paint Application - Getting to know your brushes

I had no prior knowledge of paintng brushes or their names before this exercise. I had only ever used a cheap round synthetic brush for stippling. 847 more words

Afrt Degree

Research Point: Medallion Quilt

This is a quilt I started making as part of a ‘Hand-stitched Class’ from a blog called ‘Stitched in Color’ when I was in the dark depths of post-natal depression. 708 more words