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Truth and proof: Valentine day. Occult Illuminati?


I find it very fishy that Oscar ‘mistakenly killed’ Reeva on 2013 February 14, Valentine’s Day. Why? Well, amongst other things 2013/ 2/ 14 adds up to 13. 59 more words


What The Hell Is This!?

I am not one of those who say that the US is “The Great Satan”. But what the hell is this!? The underlying template is the same. 150 more words


Capital Filth 101

Photo credit Whale.to

Is anyone ever going to see through this Pied Piper of Capital Filth 101!?

Not even Garfield would eat that crap.

Contestants of like mind, or, will gobble anything for money? 51 more words


April 2014 so far. . .

What is going on. . .

Many of my online friends, who are writers, know that Camp NaNo just begun. I would love to start my second book of my vampire series, but I’m editing last year’s NaNoWriMo project so I can get the proof from createspace and get the final edit before June 30th. 369 more words

Rebekah Wolveire

Occult Manipulation of Reality

How occultism relates to the NWO in a 3 minute video.

Mind Control

Weather Waxing

Many stirring elements are woven together in this piece by Sweden’s Loreen. A creative play on the image of a Witch is first hinted at by Loreen’s hooded black ensemble as she strides through a mist laden enchanted meadow. 127 more words