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Occultic All Seeing Eye on GOD TV, “hidden in plain sight” before blinded Christians

This is an “in your face” example of how “the illuminated” plant stuff right in front of us.

John 3:19-20 – 347 more words

Chuck Missler

Highlights for Magicians

Can’t take credit for this, but found it on the net a few days ago. Seems like the perfect synopsis of the Bodhi Trilogy!

The Metaphysics of Respect

People often seem to be under the curious notion that respect is something that will just be handed to them on a silver platter. I’ve often said that things such as: money, material acquisitions, titles and stations, or having male genitalia do not automatically gain you respect, at least not in my eyes. 501 more words


On Birds and Purity

Birds are very clean animals, despite what people may complain over regarding pigeons and parked cars. Even the lowly chicken, if given the option, would prefer not to live in cramped quarters and walk in its own excrement. 395 more words


Watch "Satanic Hand Shakes and Signals - The Gorilla199 Channel" on YouTube

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