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Man's True Nature

The following article is more-so a sum of ideas, insights, and notes of a non-linear nature. I’ll be stepping outside of my usual formal writing style, and stepping into a more stream of consciousness mode of writing. 979 more words

The Mental Planes


Last time I mentioned how Hydrogen and Helium combine in the astral as two bits of awareness or sensory inputs to form the Archetypal Spiritual planes. 530 more words

Ch11-B The Warrant Is Out!

“As you will, your Excellency,” he said. “By the way, do you know there is a rumor these days that the Műhlhelmer credit bank is going to stop payments?” 2,198 more words

Dancing to the Edge of Darkness

As the Orchestra struck up the music, Florence stood up, reluctantly taking the outstretched hand of her long time dancing partner, Old Nick. It hadn’t always been this way. 536 more words


The Role of Hermes in Mathetic Exploration

As might be evidenced by the ritual of self-initiation, one is basically making oneself into a student of Hermes in the study and exploration of mathesis.   2,146 more words


Theories of iron, or: why use daggers against spirits?


I was writing up a little essay on the use of herbs and plants in magic, and I came to the point of collecting the plants.

362 more words