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Towards a Greek Kabbalah: The Divine Name IAŌ on the Tetractys

We’ve come a good way in developing a cosmic framework and map for ourselves based on Pythagorean principles, as well as coming to understand the mysteries of the Greek letters in their roles as entities and functions of the creation of the cosmos.   3,178 more words


Duality-The Female Part 3

Magister Templi Degree

It has been said there are three great stages in a woman’s life. These are the three faces of the Goddess, Maid,Mother and Crone. 858 more words

A Witch’s Altar

Some witches choose not to use altars in the practice of their magick, but for those of us who do, it is a personal judgment call for each witch as to the use, decoration, medium, and placement of the altar. 758 more words


Demon of Slackerness

The demon of slackerness is probably the personal demon that have haunted me since youth – I mean who doesn’t like to slack off, lol. I sure do and these past few months, I’ve been enthralled by this being. 309 more words


Psychic hygiene 101: grounding

So the other day I made a post about astral travel, and a conversation developed in the threads about energetic overload that can develop when doing such work.   1,646 more words


Neo Plexus And The Journey Of Social Work Unplugged

Hello again – just a quick aside to note that I have changed my primary blog to NeoPlexus.Info for several reasons. The primary reason is that I have my answers in regard to liberty and the profession of social work. 256 more words


Chapter 1: Whiskey in the Wastes

Gratuitous amounts of clothes shopping (well… online window-shopping. I can’t afford to buy myself more clothes just yet) has led me into a post-apocalyptic mood. This is in the same world as my modern day fantasy that I am working on (the one where I am at about 21k words so far. 2,176 more words