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Celebrating The Dark Moon July 2014 - A Witches Perspective

Dark Moon July 27th AEST – Many people these days gather to celebrate the fullness of the moon at all kinds of parties at all kinds of places. 483 more words


Transcript of BBC Interview with the Ghost of Mister Ed

The following is a transcript from the remaining uncorrupted part of a recording found by two Burbank teens exploring an abandoned office building slated for demolition. 1,378 more words


Lonesome Review: Father Murphy - Pain is on our Side now

By: Chip McCabe

How do you define the undefinable?  How do you attempt to put into words the aural psyche of an artist apparently intent on some level of mass hypnosis?  514 more words

More Guitar In The Monitor

Ch5-A Alraune's Father

Chapter Five

Informs about her father and how Death stood as Godfather when Alraune came to life.



Dr. Karl Petersen brought the Privy Councilor a large beautifully bound book that he had prepared especially for this project. 2,177 more words

Towards a Greek Kabbalah: The Divine Name IAŌ on the Tetractys

We’ve come a good way in developing a cosmic framework and map for ourselves based on Pythagorean principles, as well as coming to understand the mysteries of the Greek letters in their roles as entities and functions of the creation of the cosmos.   3,178 more words


Duality-The Female Part 3

Magister Templi Degree

It has been said there are three great stages in a woman’s life. These are the three faces of the Goddess, Maid,Mother and Crone. 858 more words

A Witch’s Altar

Some witches choose not to use altars in the practice of their magick, but for those of us who do, it is a personal judgment call for each witch as to the use, decoration, medium, and placement of the altar. 758 more words