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Panther Wishes and Casino Dreams...

As promised in yesterday’s post, I wanted to memorialize the most recent Panther-related dream that I was fortunate enough to be treated to — this one went down maybe a bit over a week ago now.   797 more words

On Keeping the Occult Occulted

I’m extraordinarily lucky in my occult practice that I live as a free adult in my ostensibly secular country, without the control or necessarily involvement of my family, coworkers, or even roommates.   2,577 more words


Finding Time

I, obviously, been busy with life. Sometimes, life takes over everything and you have nothing left to give. I’ve spent the reminder of my time reading. 129 more words



Stone of today is Chrysacolla.

Chrysacolla can ease blockages of the heart energy such as loss, anger, fear and sorrow. This stone can Increase inner strength, and also bring about acceptance as well as tolerance. 39 more words


I don’t normally do readers request but Simon (from Trainee Golem Builder) was nice enough to ask so here we are. 

Albularyo (/ar-boo-lar-yô/), sometimes spelled albulario, is a 

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Spirit of Place: Paths in Nature

I’ve developed an obsession with paths found in nature for years now so I thought I’d share some of them:

The Dandenongs – Sherbrooke Forrest… 107 more words


There is a symbol that conceals a truth that conceals a truth that conceals a truth that conceals a truth that conceals a truth that conceals yet another truth that conceals the Truth. 768 more words