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Ch3 You Know better than I how to do it uncle!

Chapter Three

Informs how Frank Braun persuaded the Privy Councilor to create Alraune

They sat in the carriage, Professor Ten Brinken and his nephew. They didn’t speak. 2,986 more words

Vic- Occult Investigator: Heller Manor

This is the other main writing project I’m working on. It still doesn’t have a definite title, but it focuses on an warlock who makes a living as an occult investigator, who goes by Vic. 2,911 more words


If only inclined

Another drop in the ocean of screen staring fallen writers and thinkers. I am the “destined to be serial killer” author of this blog and I don’t know what to think of it yet. 122 more words


8th Degree Magickal Initiation


The higher degrees of magickal initiation invariably talk more and more about the mysteries of sex magick. It is worth noting that the 8th degree also carries administrative functions such as the chartering and administration of a “Temple” and giving the higher degree initiations up to the 8th. 697 more words

About the Baphomet

It had occurred to me that in the entire course of my blog, let alone as a Satanist, I have never devoted a single page to Baphomet, easily one of the most iconic symbols of Satanism or the Left Hand Path. 997 more words


Thanksgiving Wisdom & Gratitude

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I hope that you are having a great Thanksgiving.

As a 25 year old male I would like to bring to your attention GRATITUDE for those of all ages. 663 more words