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Numerology - G7 or G8? The unwitting prediction of Christine Lagarde

On January 15th of this year Christine Lagarde gave a speech to the Press Association in London. A normal enough event for someone as powerful as the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), but what wasn’t so ordinary was the strange way she began that speech. 1,178 more words


With Thoughts Beyond the Reaches of Our Souls

poltergeist: German: polter to make a noise by throwing or tumbling around geist ghost or spirit

Noisy ghost?  The German language never ceases to light a flame inside my cold heart. 381 more words


The Five Invasions of Ireland

Irish Mythology has no creation myth which explains how things came into being. The world, or more specifically, Ireland, was always there. The Mythology states that, before the Celts, there were five waves of invaders. 4,046 more words


The Occult Message of the Denver International Airport (10:54)

A great overview of the conspiracy theory surrounding the Denver Airport. Even the harden cynics are left bewildered by the blatant message. They are planning our extermination.

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All sins, my dear girl, are brought here by the hot south wind from out of the desert. Where the sun burns through endless centuries there hovers over the sleeping sands a thin white haze that forms itself into soft white clouds and floats around until the desert whirlwinds roll them and form them into strange round eggs that contain the sun’s blazing heat. 771 more words

Duality-Sexual Alchemy Part 2

6. At this point it is time for him to slack off and forget about romance for awhile. He should just enjoy her company and share social activities with her. 509 more words

Today's Accused: Contradiction

It is time to move to the darker, more sinister corner of metal. Being a Norwegian based metalblog we just have to address black metal (Norway is known for its black metal bands, such as: … 462 more words

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