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Tarot Card Reading

 Tarot Card Reading.

I started years ago reading tarot cards and have always been amazed at the various attitudes surrounding them. I’ve seen people act as if they are the gateway to the spirit realm, wrapping them in silk and guarding them as if another person touching them would render them useless. 423 more words

Gods and Goddesses of Witchcraft: Real or Imagined?

I have had many conversations, lately especially, regarding the issue of the deities. When a large group of witches discuss the Gods and Goddesses of any religion or path it is never completely agreed upon as to whether they created us, we created them, or if both or neither is true. 374 more words


A New Manwolf Sighting

Linda Godfrey, the noted writer on all things werewolf/manwolf/dogman, posted this excellent sighting to her blog on 24 July. This report has it all: a midnight encounter with something unknown, a subsequent call to the police who not only believed the witness but advised her to be careful (with the unspoken implication that there had been other sightings) and footprint evidence that indicated a pattern of the creature “hanging out” around this home. 863 more words


Does Meditation, Visualization, Positive Affirmation and All that Spiritual Stuff Work Anyway?

Does Meditation, Visualization, Positive Affirmation and All that Spiritual Stuff Work Anyway?

If you are like me you’ve tried all the spiritual stuff trying to find your true self, your true purpose in life, your psychic powers etc. 1,265 more words


Grimoires, Witchcraft and Wizardry: is “Ancient” Better?

The scene:

A group of teens discover a crumbling leather bound tome hidden in the attic of a great Elizabethan estate house. Thumbing through its stained, time-yellowed pages reveals its intended purpose. 912 more words

Human Interest

Q:well,i understand that a city is called a city due to the industrial activities carried out in it right?so,what type of businesses are carried out under the ocean? 172 more words


When this story came knocking on my door last month,i discarded it and i refered to it as just a mere myth,well,afterall,can a city really exist under the ocean?i know many of you will not believe it but it’s a true account.I decided to investigate and to follow the leads that i had.Well,i managed to contact lucya former satanist who served under the ocean for 12 years and this is what i gathered: 120 more words