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Easter Rising: Today is Your Day

Today is the day of sacrifice no longer. It is the day of celebration. It is the day that the light is rekindled upon each and every one, within each and every one, within the Light Eternal. 543 more words

Well Timed

So after my struggles to come to terms with persistence, and my occasional railing at the aether of “Why the hell am I doing this?”, I was privileged to attend a rite this morning that left me emotionally and mentally refreshed. 33 more words

Frankenstein's Army (2013)

OK, this bad boy rocks. If you haven’t seen anything worth inviting into your Netflix queue lately, Frankenstein’s Army is a brilliant remedy; a disturbing Weird War tale with steampunk accoutrements fitted into a “found-footage” frame, brandishing an aesthetic that’s shockingly bold and nightmarishly distinctive. 223 more words


Words of power...

Some stirring words for the sheeple.