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The tricky question of magic; A rational approach...

“…The tricky question of magic

Magic is not focal or central to paganism. Pagans can be pagans without using or believing in magic.

The association of paganism and magic is to some extent a historical accident. 412 more words


Singing Nun Sensation in Italy: Holy Water & the Devil

The following video is from the TV talent show, The Voice of Italy.  This particular episode aired on March 14, 2014.  There still is a great deal of controversy about this performance by a nun, Suor Cristina Scuccia.  416 more words


E A R T H = H E A R T The Secret of Green

green (n., adj.)  from PIE root *ghre- “grow”

grow (v.) Old English growan (of plants) “to grow, flourish, increase, develop, get bigger” (class VII strong verb; past tense greow, past participle growen), from Proto-Germanic *gro- (cognates: Old Norse groa, Old Frisian groia, Dutch groeien, Old High German gruoen), from PIE root *ghre- (see  934 more words

Why IP matters in the occult

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

It’s really irksome when I encounter male Thelemites espousing some Libertarian ideals and going on about how “you don’t own ideas” but then turn around and accuse an author of plagiariam (say, Donald Michael Kraig). 746 more words


Getting Started...

So you’ve decided to believe the impossible…


Everyday we move through a magically impossible world. The whole of human existence being countless impossibilities stacked one upon the other, the exact conditions necessary for our universe to produce stars and planets to form, the precise conditions on our hostile little world to allow life to take root, the arduous process of the evolution of our DNA to form modern humanity and finally, that one little sperm cell out of millions which found its counterpart to create you… Kinda seems magical, huh? 695 more words


Seven Archangels...but which?

As you might expect, dear reader, the number seven is kinda mystical.  Seven planets, seven days of the week, roughly seven days for one phase of the Moon, seven orifices in the human face, seven Greek sages, seven virtues, seven vices, and so forth.   1,717 more words