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A western dining restaurant that was hit by the bad oils, because of the owner, not handling the matter delicately enough, he’d managed, to insult the press, and, the negative reports by the press, had kept the consumers away, it was, nine thirty in the evening, and, there was, just that one customer who was dining there still.  566 more words


Menagerie Management 101

The spring semester has begun, and I am making an earnest effort to get all my proverbial and professional ducks in a row.  Alas, I fear that duck alignment may not be be my strong suit. 703 more words

Occupational Hazards

Things I would like Apple to fix in OS X (please?)

There’s been a minor surplus of blog posts over the last month or so expressing concern about the state of Apple’s software quality. See, for example, this… 567 more words

Occupational Hazards

A Tale of Three IODs

Exactly one year ago I had an injury on duty. It changed the course of my final year of med school and my general approach to medicine. 610 more words

Studying Medicine

The Force

Most of the time when one sits down to the keyboard, one knows in advance what one will type.  This is not one of those occasions. 882 more words


A day in the life... or something a bit more.

Being able to speak a few languages and working in operations mean that most days I am requested to divert attention to specific groups of customers not fluent in English. 492 more words

I replaced my Rembrandt white pastel!

Aww, you guyz!

My aunt and uncle gave me $50 for Xmas, so today we went and dropped by my art store.  I went and got an ArtBin for my markers, the Lyra graphite crayons I didn’t get before, some tinted papers, and a Rembrandt white pastel.  166 more words