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...I got sidetracked in my brainstorm...

I have a little less than two hours to write this, and I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to be writing about at this time, so please bear with me.  1,091 more words


Friends, a Short Prose


Huang is one of the person at the office that you’d have a difficult time, getting along with, everybody wanted to stay away from him, but only Lee, he could laugh with Huang, even dine out at lunch with him. 99 more words


Really Awful Occupations – Part 1

Grave-diggers and crop farming types are very down-to-earth,
And valuators tend to be your gentlemen of worth;
Your tightrope-walkers need to be well-balanced sort of chaps, 330 more words


Cogs in the Machine

Hi small band of readers,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted– I’ve been really busy and haven’t summoned the motivation to collect reasonable thoughts on some of the articles I’ve come across lately. 119 more words

Bursts Of Thought

Things I Have Done When Over-Tired

There’s been a lot of talk about working hours on this blog recently, as well as the risk that tired doctors pose to themselves and patients. 311 more words

Studying Medicine

The importance and difficulty of clocking out on time

I had a long chat the other night with a younger tech journalist about work/life balance. I suspect this person was hoping to learn that I had found this one weird trick to regain control of when the job can cede priority to the things that the job pays for, but I had to admit that I had not. 389 more words


Injury on Duty: What it's like to take PEP

This post follows on my previous post about Injuries on Duty.

There is no shortage of war stories from healthcare workers who have taken Post-Exposure Prophylaxis ARVs (the medication you take to prevent HIV after being exposed to it).Days and days and days of nausea and diarrhoea are just the beginning of it. 1,063 more words

Studying Medicine