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The Marzipan Man

Let me tell you about Harry.  Harry was, in the parlance of the Wandlessian realm, a GNU, or Genuinely Nice ‘Umanoid.  In my lifetime, I have known exactly four GNUs; perhaps you know one, too.  761 more words


Ebola, Personal Risk and Our Trainees

Around the world, Ebola and other infectious diseases take the lives of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters … and place at risk those who care for them. 362 more words


Antineoplastic drugs often not handled within safety guidelines

A new National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) study, published online in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, found that recommended safe handling practices for workers who administer antineoplastic drugs in healthcare settings are not always followed. 457 more words


Newspaper alumni need the occasional reunion too

CHICAGO–I’m here for the Online News Association’s annual conference, and it’s been pretty great so far. Not necessarily for all the panels and discussions (although they’ve been good too, especially Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile’s explaining  291 more words


What is the most fun part of your program?

What is the most fun part of your program?

I had to think about this one. I don’t know if I would consider studying social work to be “fun” per se. 173 more words

Working on Wall Street - The occupational hazards

All occupations have hazards. An occupational hazard of the Internet columnist, for instance, is that he becomes the sort of person who says whatever he thinks will get him the most attention rather than what he thinks is true, so often that he forgets the difference. 755 more words

In The News

Occupational Hazards of Working on Wall Street

by Michael Lewis,  Bloomberg

A few times in the past several decades it has sounded as if big Wall Street banks were losing their hold on the graduates of the world’s most selective universities:  173 more words