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CDC Director Frieden confirms pattern of insufficient lab safety

BioPrepWatch  July 22, 2014 Bryan Cohen

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Tom Frieden testified before a House subcommittee last week and acknowledged that recent lab safety breaches were part of an insufficient culture of safety. 70 more words

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US admits security breaches with deadly virus samples

New Scientist No 2978 15 July 2014

Biosecurity slip-ups in US labs handling anthrax and smallpox happened because of lack of oversight and failure to follow protocol, says new report.  29 more words

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Pathogen Mishaps Rise as Regulators Stay Clear

The New York Times Denise Grady 19 July 2014

The recently documented mistakes at federal laboratories involving anthrax, flu and smallpox have incited public outrage at the government’s handling of dangerous pathogens. 112 more words

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CDC issues report on June anthrax incident

BioPrepWatch Sean Carlson 16 July 2014

The study discussed factors that contributed to the incident while highlighting actions taken by the CDC to prevent future accidents. 18 more words

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CDC chief: Anthrax gaffe 'should never have happened'

USA Today Alison Young July 16, 2014

The director of one of the world’s most prestigious public health agencies went before Congress on Wednesday to try to explain laboratory blunders that included his scientists mishandling live anthrax and unknowingly contaminating other specimens with a dangerous strain of bird flu. 55 more words

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CDC Director Confirms Dangerous Pattern and “Insufficient Culture of Safety” Surrounding Recent Incidents Involving Anthrax

Energy & Commerce Committee US House of Representatives July 16, 2014

The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, chaired by Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA), today held a hearing to review recent incidents at the Centers for Disease Control involving anthrax and other dangerous pathogens. 46 more words

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Non-diet approach to weight management more effective in worksite wellness programs

(University of Missouri-Columbia 7 July 2014) Researchers at the University of Missouri have found that ‘Eat for Life,’ a new wellness approach that focuses on mindfulness and intuitive eating as a lifestyle, is more effective than traditional weight-loss programs in improving individuals’ views of their bodies and decreasing problematic eating behaviors. 15 more words

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