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How do we play? Tackling organizing and clean-up

It took me some time to realize that, for children with SPD, the simple act of play can be something that just isn’t fun. Let’s think about that for a second. 468 more words

Sensory Processing Disorder

Professional Care and Support

Professional Care and Support – the first year

I watched the weekly change as MND took its toll on my mother’s life. In view of this, I was very keen to get care and support in place. 1,452 more words

Blue Badge

No Job; No Luck.

I am still unable to gain employment and I think I have applied for more than 10 jobs in total. I am starting to get really upset and worried thinking that I may never find a job, yet people are getting handed jobs that they don’t even want. 253 more words


The Dark Art of Speech and Language Therapy

This month marks 2 years since I started my blog and although I don’t post so often these days interest doesn’t seem to have dwindled if the number of hits each week is anything to go by. 398 more words

Mental Health

Job Searching/Moving Possibility

The search for a job is one of the most difficult things that I’ve had to do. You apply for so many jobs and literally have no idea what is going to happen and the waiting game plays with you until you know the outcome. 537 more words


Running in water

That’s what it feels like. It feels like running in water.

My brain is sluggish at best. In a few seconds, I can think: “Pick up $20 from the table and put in wallet.” “Grab cheque to pay therapy.” “Check time not to be late.” “Call to make appointment for kid’s haircut.” These thoughts just whiz by like lightning.   289 more words

California Occupational Therapists Continuing Education

Continuing Education and License Renewal Information for California Occupational Therapists

California-licensed occupational therapists have a biennial license renewal with a birth date deadline, even years. Twenty-hour (24 PDUs) continuing education hours are required to renew a license. 119 more words

Continuing Education