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Running in water

That’s what it feels like. It feels like running in water.

My brain is sluggish at best. In a few seconds, I can think: “Pick up $20 from the table and put in wallet.” “Grab cheque to pay therapy.” “Check time not to be late.” “Call to make appointment for kid’s haircut.” These thoughts just whiz by like lightning.   289 more words

California Occupational Therapists Continuing Education

Continuing Education and License Renewal Information for California Occupational Therapists

California-licensed occupational therapists have a biennial license renewal with a birth date deadline, even years. Twenty-hour (24 PDUs) continuing education hours are required to renew a license. 119 more words

Continuing Education

Our OT called

So at the moment we’re working with the occupational therapist on Dr Barrys team. His name starts with M so I’ll just call him M. We’ve been working with M for a few months now on and off. 261 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Sensory Rebound at BounceU

I love (almost) nothing more than being able to tell you I’ve got a safe, fun, and inexpensive activity to share with you that meets the needs of autistic children. 519 more words


Diagnosis with Aspergers: Our Journey

Recently three of my friends have begun on the agonising and sorrowful journey of having their children diagnosed with autism.

And it is agonising and sorrowful because no parent in their right mind wants to take their beautiful perfect child to a doctor and have them declared anything but perfectly whole and healthy… And normal – or as I like to say now, neurotypical – because what the hell is “normal” anyway. 1,465 more words


"Eye contact-No Autism"...I don't think so...

The autism diagnosis was not easy to come by, it was as though physicians and therapists were afraid or intimidated by the possible reaction, to even verbalize the word…autism. 427 more words

A snapshot of what an allied health professional can do for you

 “People with dementia will have the opportunity to be included in community life and meaningful activities as they wish.  All services will give people with dementia the support they need, wherever they are living, to continue to be involved in their ordinary activities such as exercise, involvement in music, dance, social events and religious activity and to become involved in new activities and experiences” 714 more words