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How violent protests start: Learning from the Buffalo

Here we will examine the common processes that lead to violent processes across contexts and situations. Notice how it takes only one leader and a few followers, to get the many buffalo to attack the lions that are eating their friend. 334 more words

Climate Change Activists Protest Corporations at #FloodWallStreet Sit-In

Climate change activists staged a sit-down protest on Wall Street against the role of large corporations in global warming on Monday, a day after an estimated 400,000 people… 241 more words

From Grad School to Prison


This article is about a what a girl went through after she was arrested during the Occupy Wallstreet protests.    In the brief 24 hours I spent in jail, not even prison, I can confirm a great deal of what she says.   55 more words

"Dear founding fathers...we have a problem."

We are on the verge of something epic. Society is not only waking up, it is engaging and encouraging others to engage. We, as a society, are coming together to form “a more perfect union.” I would wager a guess that the founding fathers felt the same excitement that we do. 489 more words

Civil Rights