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Cliven Bundy is a craven thief and right wing terrorist

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Good morning:

Cliven Bundy is a thief and a right-wing domestic terrorist who belongs in prison. For more than 20 years he has grazed his cattle on our land without our permission and without paying us any fees. 380 more words

Cecily McMillan

Citizen Journalism: User Empowerment, Access and Participation Across Media Platforms

The mobile phone has had a profound impact on the way in which news and stories are distributed across the domestic sphere and international sphere. Essentially, the mobile phone has led to an innovation in journalism: now, ordinary citizens have the power to share news instantaneously at the tip of their fingertips. 744 more words


One Percent

“If there is to be any peace it will be through being, not having.”

-Henry Miller

One of the most politically and emotionally charged issues of our time is income disparity. 1,447 more words


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Some of my favorite moments on this blogging journey are when I see that someone has stopped by my blog and so I go to their blog all excited and hoping that a unique experience is about to happen. Sometimes it does, a lot of times it doesn't (can we issue blogging licenses like driving licenses so people will stop posting their get rich schemes).

But today I went by 4thaluv and discovered a thoughtful, and dare I say compelling blog I couldn't stop reading.

Sitting here thinking, "Everybody should read this!" Not to tell you what to think but to get you thinking. It's irrelevant to our relationship what your opinion is... I just really want you to have one and feel strongly about it.

I then remembered that there was a convenient REBLOG button. Hooray!

So everybody read this:

The 1% got even richer in 2014: Goal update

I was recently reading Kiplinger and noticed the that 1% got even richer. That means my goal of catching up just got harder.

“show what it takes to be among the top 1% of income earners: adjusted gross income of $388,905 or more.

178 more words
Personal Finance

Muh Rapid-Fire Agitprop

So last night I was dicking and derping about the Fay-Bay as is my wont, trolling that horrible viper-pit, “Left vs. Right” — God what a STUPID, VILE, MORONIC, CORRUPT garbage-dump of a Eff-Broup! 30 more words

"The Truth. . ."

A Republican friend sent me an article yesterday from the Wall Street Journal entitled “The Truth About the ‘One Percent’” by James Piereson from the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. 818 more words

One Percent