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FINE ASS: Person of The Year

Tomorrow Time will unveil it’s Person of The Year. Time magazine is considering giving the Ferguson protestors the award for PERSON of the year.  What I didn’t realize is that “Protesters” actually won already back in 2011.  533 more words


A Call To Action

I’ve come to the conclusion that living in suburbia is “the American Dream,” for it is one of the greatest myths that capitalism has created. It’s the goal, the white picket fence, a dog, probably a Labrador, and a doting wife who understands that your career is more important than hers, even though she’s just as educated than you. 385 more words

LRAD Sound Cannon Used On Peaceful Protesters.

Reports coming out of the protests in NYC overnight are saying that the NYPD used the LRAD Sound Cannon to disperse peaceful protests, right on the heels of their shitty tweet that said “#Wehearyou.” Yeah, clearly you guys are hearing just fine. 186 more words


An End to Anonymity - A Call to Arms

By October 9th of 2011, nearly one thousand major cities around the world were joined in a revolutionary movement.  What began close to a month earlier in New York City’s small Zuccotti Park had spread itself to reach across every habitable continent, through 82 countries, and into over 600 publics in the United States. 490 more words

Facebook aktivistler için ücretli mi olacak?

Facebook, kullanıcıların alışkanlıklarına göre bazı profilleri, kişisel amaçlar dışında bularak toplumsal sayfalara dönüştürüyor. Bu durum bireysel aktivistlerin kişilik haklarına bir müdahale.

(Orjinali AGOS’ta)

ABD’de Occupy Wall Street (OWS) eylemleri aktivistlerinden biri olan ve Facebook kullanmaya başlamasından uzun zaman önce sıkı bir MySpace hayranı olan Patti Beers bir gün hesabına girdi ve ekranda bir uyarı ile karşılaştı. 892 more words

Social Media

The Rhetoric of # Activism

Recently rhetoric has found its way into digital spaces via hashtags. Hashtags allow people who wouldn’t otherwise follow each other on social media sites to participate in conversations about everyday concerns to more important subjects like activism. 175 more words