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Occupy Gezi: The Limits of Turkey’s Neoliberal Success

by Cihan Tugal

from Jadaliyya

There are two telling, though widely neglected, details about what initiated and popularized the groundbreaking protests in Taksim Square, Istanbul: the protests started out as a response to the governing neoliberal party’s project of urban transformation or urban renewal; yet, urban questions quickly took a backseat as the protests became massive. 1,751 more words


An Important Documentary

As expected, the number of extreme weather events has been high this summer.  What is concerning to me is how it appears to be accelerating in frequency.  107 more words


Choke points

Mapping an anticapitalist counter-logistics in California

While it is indisputably within the sphere of production that the value-form is created and the obfuscation of social relations under capital begins, perhaps the notion that it is within sphere of circulation that the value-form can begin to be destroyed necessitates more tactical experiments explicitly targeting this realm in the US context of struggles. 10,790 more words


Activists occupy UK government building, demanding arms embargo on Israel

Protestors occupy the Cabinet Office in London, demanding that the British Government and British arms manufacturers stop selling arms to Israel.


On the Concept of Society

I often hear it said that society is in rough shape. Loss of public faith in government, failing standards of education, a quickly vanishing middle class…it can hardly be denied that times are turbulent. 1,232 more words


Magic in the mundane

On my morning walk-arounds I often find fortunes scattered amongst the litter & leaves. I attribute it to the squirrels & raccoons who get in the trash and make little messes feasting on the unopened cookies and other half-eaten throwaways.


Aren't we all

Maybe you’re a little bit extra special.