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NAMBLA Pedophiles Have More Rights Than Occupy Protesters

Even after much of the furor of the Occupy movement has fizzled out, the well-documented police brutality and unjust arrest of Occupy protesters highlights the way in which our freedom of speech has transformed from an unalienable right to a right that exists when the establishment does not feel at all slighted by what you have to say. 629 more words

Victim's Rights

Golden Futures – The Colony (Exhibit UJ Gallery Oct 2014)

Title: Golden Futures* Tuesday 15 April 2014 Yuanta Gold Futures: Up by 0.06% Tides:Low tide 09h02 High tide 15h02.
Gallery Director, Annali Cabano at the University of Johannesburg asked me what the message was with this work. 193 more words

Amidst The Vitriol, Some Words of Kindness for Suey Park

In the aftermath of #cancelcolbert the response against Suey Park was pretty massive. I decided to check out her feeds and see what people were saying….. 263 more words


Something everyone should know about on tax day

 A new study by researchers from Princeton and Northwestern Universities finds that America’s government policies reflect the wishes of the rich and of powerful interest groups, rather than the wishes of the majority of citizens.   141 more words

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Interview with Kees van der Pijl: Global Rivalries Today

By Orsan Senalp , Mehmet Senalp - 15 Apr 14

How have global rivalries shaped the world we live in, and how do they continue to affect the way some of the most crucial geopolitical decisions of our time are made? 3,614 more words


Is there an alternative to neo-liberal capitalism?

I have attended a number of lectures and events on neo-liberalism and the problems of capitalism over the last few months (see here, here… 532 more words