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Occupy Democracy in Parliament Square Sat. 24th Jan 2015

Occupy have held several events in Parliament Square over the last few months (covered in previous blogs). Their attempts to hold democratic peaceful meetings in front of the so-called ‘Mother of Democracy’ Parliamentary buildings, have been met with repression ranging from petty and laughable jobsworthism to full-blown police aggression. 563 more words

Photo Report

The Wake of Untreated Financial Compulsive Disorder (FCD)

Beware: This drug is still in circulation, and Big Pharma is still on the loose partying away with billions of dollars of stolen money exploited from the People’s labor! 112 more words


What is... detournement?

Detournement is a french word that can be loosely translated into re-route or hijack. It’s a concept first developed by the Letterist international in the 50s and then further used by the break-off group, the Situationist international in the subsequent decades. 531 more words



That dogs have their wings
and heads chopped of
and that you take sugar like
stones in you coffee, floating
like nothing
is solid enough… 47 more words