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What if you lived in a occupied area.

Try and put yourself in the same situation that millions of Palestines are in today, with the Israel army preventing people to live a normal life that we in the western world demand to have rights to. 576 more words


Notes on "The Lessons of 2011: Three Theses on Organisation"

Notes on “The Lessons of 2011: Three Theses on Organisation” by Rodrigo Nunes

Moving beyond the conceptual polarization b/t tight-knit vanguardist parties and loose-tie virtual networks.


Why politics needs arts & crafts

By Dr Anna Feigenbaum, lecturer in Media & Politics and contributor to the ‘Disobedient Objects’ exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Inflatable cobblestones, book blocs, musical pot lids. 546 more words

Protest Camps

There is a great summary of Jacques Ranciere’s notion of a “politics of police” over at  Critical Theory.com

We can see how these police partitions work in the events of Occupy Wall Street.

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Scholarship Of Note

On Corporate Utility

With all the radical ideas posted on this blog lately—and to be sure, we don’t mean ‘radical’ in the surfer sense—we here at Brad OH Inc. 492 more words

Requisite Things

The answer to 1984 is NOT 1776 - it's 33 AD

Preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ saved England from the bloody revolutions of Europe.



The American colonists’ experiment in ‘liberty’ only succeeded by the Christian morality of its people. 33 more words

What's So And Not So