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A constant battle

I feel like I am constantly torn between “Money is just an illusion, Americans are way too focused on working and consuming things to impress others, capitalism is evil and the downfall of society” and “I need to grind my ass off and work all the time and make as much money as possible because I need to be comfortable and I want to do cool stuff”. 408 more words

The Proletariat & Pursuance of Eudaimonia

            In the summer of 1936 the world was unstable: the fascist Nazi party in Germany prepared for the 1936 Olympic games; Mussolini, Italy’s dictator, pragmatically decided to become Germany’s ally; a heat wave plagued the depression ridden United States, which still suffered from Calvin Coolidge’s economic deregulation of the 1920’s; and the day after the Spanish Civil War began Dolores Ibárruri appealed to the hearts and minds of the Spanish working class with a radio address from the Ministry of the Interior: 2,192 more words