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Psychological Bombs from Afar & All of Us Alive

The first time I spoke up about my abuse was in a tribute to Kat Dixon, the first woman to come forth about the horrifying experiences she’d suffered while in a relationship with Gregory Sherl, our mutual abuser. 1,499 more words



Denice Frohman introduced me to slam poetry. Since then I have been hooked. This was her first poem I heard. But the depth of her work and talent are so much more. 631 more words


Mengenal lebih dekat "Anxiety Disorder"

Anxiety Disorder atau gangguan kecemasan memiliki tiga komponen yang  mempengaruhi, yaitu: sistem fisik, sistem perilaku, dan  sistem kognitif. Anxiety Disorder terbagi lagi menjadi enam jenis gangguan, apa saja jenis-jenisnya? 278 more words


A "Person with Epilepsy" Abroad/Why I'd Embrace Implanted Microchip Passports (Kidding?)

I’m waiting for my flight to Reykjavik, where I’ll connect to London, where I’ll stay for three days before returning to Iceland for a week. (Nothing’s ever simple with me.) I’m pretty excited. 376 more words

When Did You Become an Expert?

I have spent the past year trying to focus my writing around issues of mental health. With this I hope that I have given some helpful advice and some interesting stories. 1,291 more words

Helpful Thoughts About Mental Health

My OCD, Part Deux

I know that I am a control freak and have to have things a certain way.  Sometimes I try to ‘leave things alone’ just for my own good.   119 more words



I am different now.
Different than the girl you knew.
I can’t really explain how.
But you’ll have to trust me.

I don’t dance.
Not like I used to. 94 more words