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It Takes Over

I never thought i’d be the girl with scars covering my body. I never thought i’d be the person with such a sad story. I never thought i’d be the one in and out of hospitals for an addiction I couldn’t beat. 1,037 more words

Sin and nights

Passion engulfs the bones and flesh,

Where sins run through the mind,

The angels beckon not to let the other hand slip,

But reality loses its godly grip. 55 more words


On Being a 'Laid Back Parent'

As an OCD mummy it always makes me smile when people comment about how laid back I am when it comes to parenting. It’s not a term that I would ever have thought to associate with myself, non OCD daddy- absolutely, he’s so laid back sometimes I wonder if anything will ruffle him at all. 800 more words

All that glitters is gold

I’m in a sparkly mood today, so I went with an all gold look. It helped brighten up this dreary day. Also, it helped me get through Christmas shopping that, as usual, I saved until the last second. 35 more words


Chronic Christmas

Get ready for some hardcore reflection, y’all.

We’ve been in NC with my in-laws since Thursday evening, having flown down for the holidays. I’d like to emphasize before continuing that I’m genuinely happy to be here. 632 more words

Chop, Chop, Chop!

T-Minus three days & two hours before guests start arriving for Christmas dinner! All that’s left is last minute cleaning (sparkle! sparkle! sparkle!), and cooking the actual supper.. 80 more words

Mama's Musings

Understanding Contamination Fears

Having a son and other family with OCD allows me to understand perhaps a little better than the average person. I can at least tell you that OCD is a horrible, life controlling condition that is scoffed at by those who don’t “get” it, which makes me furious. 367 more words