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Noise and Distractions.

When I was given my discharge notes from the hospital, I can’t say I was interested in reading them, I shoved them in the bottom of my bag and ran the hell out of there!  196 more words

Mental Health

Five minutes: the OCD commuter


The stench of Ariel hovers around me like a suffocating mist. My soggy skin begins to shrink away from the freezing temperatures of February. Short sharp shocks of cold sting my spine as icy droplets of white water slide from the ends of my sopping hair, crawling beneath my collar, down my back. 964 more words


Pass the Telescope

Autism has taught me many lessons. It has forced me to think critically about all aspects of my parenting style. It has led me to always have a plan — and to always be ready to change it.

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Diary of an OCD on Facebook and Twitter

You can now follow Diary of an OCD on Facebook and Twitter. Please like, follow and share with your friends! Let’s get more and more people OCD aware! 15 more words


OCD - online resources for information and support

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but I have found the following four websites to be very useful:

SANE Australia – Fact sheet, guide to medication and treatments, general info… 62 more words


What's in a name anyway?

A few things have happened recently that are prompting this post from yours truly, Oliver C. Damon. 909 more words