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The Woman Who Thought Too Much

I would like to mention this one again too. This is my favourite book on the subject of OCD. So much made sense to me when I read this. 21 more words


OCD Overdrive ….

“A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

This quote by Benjamin Franklin rules my life.  I organize everything – my pens, my clothes, my house … even my friends’ houses.   125 more words


OCD - Talking Mad

Despite the conclusions drawn about me, in my head, I am as normal as normal can be, but then again, the guy just in on the Psychiatric Ward, strapped to the bed, after found trying to put his dog in the washing machine, is thinking absolutely the same way about himself. 411 more words

Ian T Sebas

Cash Cow

What do you get if you cross a naive jilted single mother with a cash cow? A bloody good blog. Here goes my last 6 months…. 869 more words

Should I stop counting?

You know those people who have hellish experiences that they’ve triumphed against and now want to share it with the world in the form of life lessons? 274 more words


Society's Mirror

The mirror does not lie,it is the mind that lies.The mind can be a horrible tool when facing any form of eating disorder,it can make the mirror make you appear “fat” when in fact you are beautiful.I ate two hot cross buns tonight,and nuts and…yes,I blog about food,why,because I still have haunts from thirteen years ago.I once loved myself,once… 1,197 more words


Why the latest Nissan X-Trail commercial messes with my Crazy Mummy OCD

Lately there have been a lot of commercials getting on my nerves, but none more so that the recent Nissan X-Trail ad. If you are unsure of which one I’m talking about I’ve inserted it below. 318 more words

Crazy Mummy Syndrome