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Scripting Debug Sessions: Python for GDB Remote Serial Protocol

Are you tired of hammering out the same commands over and over again in GDB? If not, we highly encourage you take more advantage of The GNU Project Debugger, which is a fantastic way to poke around inside your microcontrollers while they’re running a program. 146 more words


Supplied Demand

‘My enemies are all too familiar.
They’re the ones who used to call me friend.
I’m coloring outside your guidelines.
I was passing out when you were passing out your rules’ 784 more words

Back In The Saddle Again

Well I survived my first 3 days of work last week. I was exhausted at the end of the first day. Went to bed before 8pm that night. 231 more words

Light by Patricia Doody


A Personal Essay


Patricia Doody 

It is hard to document a journey you spent over a decade avoiding. The timeline concerning my history with depression is mostly blurry, save for specific dates concerning hospitalizations or medical appointments. 1,385 more words


A New Journey Begins...

I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I want to do something that I love. I want to enjoy my work. 572 more words


Yo-Yo Dieting is a Choice

I was about to say I had a ‘bad week’ last week but I’m staying away from judging what’s good and bad and sticking to… … 570 more words