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Sitting With The Unknown.

One of the most anxiety provoking things for me the past couple of weeks is waking up every morning not knowing what I weigh. Did I gain? 336 more words


I’ve had some really good days lately.  Days where I actually felt like sweeping the floor, talking to random people and even being hugged.  I may not have mentioned earlier that when the anxiety comes on, I don’t like to be touched.   500 more words

A Balanced Approach

For the obsessed introvert (OI) in the work place, talking to a customer can be messy. When a customer has a question OIs immediately want to please them for three reasons – two from obsessiveness and one from introversion. 466 more words


Fat Chance Bacon Boy! (#0067)

   I finally got to see Sue the dietitian on Wednesday.  I say finally, because the first dietitian was a friend on Ron’s and I had not realized she lacked certain credentials (and therefore was not covered by insurance).  607 more words


Recovery - There's Work To Do!

Mental illness has been part of my identity for so long, that now that a glimmer of hope has arrived in the form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for substantial improvement (and… 823 more words


Dedicated to...

Recently I started painting and I was finding it difficult to finish anything I started (not a new issue for me). I realize now that I couldn’t finish because I was obsessing over the thought that it “couldn’t be right” or “wasn’t going to look good so there’s no point in finishing it. 99 more words

Art Therapy

7 Real Ways To Stress A Little Less

Most people worry. It’s a fact of life that life can be stresful: money, bills, jobs, family, etc. can sometimes prevent you from relaxing and actually enjoying your life as much as you’d like to. 212 more words