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Twists and Turns of 27

And anxiety ensued, as it was likely to:

I turned 27 this past Sunday, and my dad got me a membership to the YMCA. Mostly because my doctor said swimming would be good for me. 1,153 more words

Open House or Meet the Teacher Night...Anxiety Night


Meet the teacher night 2014 is in the books, thank God!  Nothing more nerve wracking than meeting 100 or so parents all at one time.  A little deep breathing and an Ativan allowed me to get through the night.   83 more words

My Irrational Mind

The Fun Machine

Well, this is the 2nd article I am doing like this. My goal was to have one written on the 13th of every month, signifying the monthly anniversary to highlight changes from the past and what I plan to do down the line. 1,254 more words

A Word About

My Sibling Has OCD...

Blake is still away at camp.  He hasn’t written and I haven’t gotten any concerned calls from the camp staff, so I’m guessing that no news is good news.  519 more words

Obsessive–compulsive Disorder

Those little things...

Okay so I am a total clean/neat freak and it can drive my family crazy, but there are just those little things that drive you up the wall.  757 more words


OCD is a chronic disease and this is recurrence #1

It’s been a while, nearly a month, since I have posted.  He has been pretty well behaved.  The problem with OCD is that its a chronic disease.  467 more words

Every Day Crazy

Mid-Vacation Progress Report

We’re at the beach in NC, and it’s been as uncomfortably hot as I hoped it would be. It’s also been as great to see my in-laws and to spend time “relaxing” as anticipated. 333 more words