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Confession: I think I've been manic/hypomanic for the past month :/

A year ago I had some psychiatric tests done and the results were partially invalid (now looking back I see how my OCD made me freak out during the test so my answers were all over the place) — and the other part of the test pointed all its fingers at bipolar (II). 1,043 more words


'Your comfort blanket is becoming a noose'


I apologise for the weird chronology of my posts – I’m slowly telling parts of my story but it’s jumbled because I try to post spontaneously and not edit after. 1,374 more words


Another Work Week

I apologize, I’m not getting off to a very good start here!

I’m two days late on my posting and that’s because times are crazy. Work has really picked up and I’m supposed to do 3 online courses before school starts in September… 1,262 more words


Not much has happened.

Day 145. 10.09pm. It’s dark now. The overall weather has been fair. By fair I mean lovely and sunny sometimes, dull some days, but sometimes ferocious outbreaks of rain, finished off with some lightening today. 691 more words


How to be a healer

My last post was all about my need for solitude and yet I spent last weekend in the bosom of a crowd of people with barely five minutes alone. 874 more words

Grieving in Buffalo from Bipolar Depression

It is a chemical imbalance and I cannot snap out of it. Visiting with family and friends only takes my mind off dark places FOR THAT MOMENT, it does not go away. 301 more words

Bipolar Disorder