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I keep dreaming of events that have already happened and no longer can differentiate between dream and reality

(I’m having nightmares, again.)

waking up in cold sweat, like
breaking the surface of an ocean
frantic breaths of air and sea
i’m still caught in between… 91 more words


Fata Morgana

He evokes emotions within her
as violent as the storms of oceans,
leaving her lost as a boat at sea
with an intense longing for currents… 93 more words


Flight in the Morning

So here I was right, I am standing on the edge of a cliff that dropped forty feet into the ocean. I was sweating, I felt dizzy, but more important, I was hoping the birds flying back and forth in front of me would not change directions and come my way. 54 more words


Why I Think You Have No Personality

When I think about you, I think of how empty you are as a human being.

You, the one who knows what’s trending. The one who knows which liberal cause to support next. 408 more words


Museu Nacional do Azulejo (Tile Museum in Lisbon)

Portugal is known for its exquisite tile work. The museum had so many cool tiles displays and had a room full of tiles that still need to be sorted and restored. 19 more words

College Of Charleston

"Swastiastu" from Bali!

I visited this beautiful Indonesian island during the last few days of my one week spring holiday.

The novel “Eat, Pray, Love,” was not far off in its description of Bali. 288 more words