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Vanuatu : Laplap

Sometimes I screw up. And sometimes I really screw up.

Hello, Vanuatu. 482 more words


Joe Mixon - Palau

First week of school was a success. Long, but fun. I’d say that I am slowly getting used to teaching.  However, learning from lectures in the past have certainly influenced me. 334 more words


Day 105 - The Island Giants

For the people of Pa’ua Nawahiti, it was no legend that their five islands were made up of the heads of giants who rested on the ocean floor and could rise up at any moment. 335 more words

The Kingdom

Not quite National Geographic, but plenty of boobs

Soon after I started posting items about the Goroka Show, a reader commented that my photos reminded of him of old National Geographic magazine stories. Not really erotic, but filled with an abundance of interesting flesh. 403 more words


Australian Fauna

The wildlife in Australia is often regarded as being dangerous yet exotic. I can definitely say it is different to that of Europe but the likelihood of an encounter with something dangerous is extremely low. 356 more words


The First Two Months in Australia

In the two months I have been in Australia I have learnt and experienced a lot. I spent the first part adjusting in Sydney and then had a brief trip up north to experience the warmer climate in Brisbane and Townsville before then returning south to work. 264 more words