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Australia is often called the land down under.

The term comes from the fact that Australia (and New Zealand) are in the Southern Hemisphere, ‘below’ many other countries on the globe. 118 more words


[사회] Too easy to drive in Australia

In Australia, Koreans who are over 25 years old, who currently hold a drivers licence in South Korea are entitled to an international drivers licence, which is equivalent to a full Australian drivers licence once. 407 more words


Largest hybrid renewable energy project unveiled in Jamaica

“World’s largest” hybrid renewable energy project unveiled in Jamaica (incl video)  Gizmag, By Stu Robarts July 18, 2014 Generating renewable electricity at home or in commercial buildings is becoming increasingly viable. 176 more words


Tinian, Northern Mariana Islands

It’s taken years. You’ve slowly been checking everywhere in the United States off your list. You started with the 50 states—including Alaska and Hawaii. You visited Washington, D.C. 547 more words


Good bye New Zealand

I am back in Australia. After 6 months New Zealand I had to come back to visit the East Coast. Unfortunately I have only 3 weeks left before I fly back to Belgium. 177 more words


Tasmania Discovered

After the images from Times Square, NY the next stop on the blog is Hobart, Tasmania! :) If like me you have boarded a 30+ hours flight from Europe to Australia and once landed you still feel like spending a couple more hours on a domestic flight, I recommend you head over to Tassie :) You’ll probably experience a whole new level of wilderness and will feel immersed in a little world in which nature looks pristine and mysterious, the skies are dramatically charming, the local birds are PINK (yeh, they are but no, they are not flamingos… Galahs are way cuter :P ) and you are gonna need to switch from your bikini to your winter jacket about 10 times per day according to the wind’s fun. 8 more words


A Geography Lesson

American Samoa is actually made up of five islands; the largest, Tutuila, contains the majority of the population as well as the capital, Pago Pago, and the hospitals and clinics where I work. 490 more words